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26th June 2021

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As with previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

The takeover of the island’s main fish processing facility by Saints Tuna Corporation (PQ Trading) is recorded on our Fish Processing page.

The Saint Cooks have kindly allowed us to reproduce their ‘Global Saint Community Map’ on our page Saints.

There is also news about the The Historic Environment Record.

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31st May 2021

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As with previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

There are details of the rather muted commemorations of the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoleon, which were heavily curtailed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our slavery pages (Slavery on St Helena, Attacking the Slave Trade & Slavery and the enslaved) record the placing of a wreath at the Pipe Store in Jamestown to commemorate the cultural impact of slavery on St Helena today.

You can link to the Historic Environment Database from our page The Historic Environment Record and now you can also download the full Historic Environment Record from the same page.

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26th April 2021

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As with previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

We have revised our page Government in accordance with the new ‘Ministerial form of Government’, as best we understand it, though as it seems many of the finer details still remain to be worked out this page will remain subject to change. Also please note that the new system does not actually come into force until after the next General Election, expected August 2021.

Why do cars visiting Jamestown go all the way to the Wharf to turn around? See our page Ghost Stories of St Helena to find out.

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25th March 2021

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As with previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

We’ve added Yoga to our Sport on St Helena page because we now have qualified local yoga instructors.

There’s an update on the Governance Reform process on our page Government and an update on the sell-off of our fishing industry on our page Fish Processing.

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23rd February 2021

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As with previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

We have a fascinating new contribution for our Memories page - from a VSO teacher in 1966/7. His experience of St Helena adds an interesting perspective to the other stories. How much of what he says remains true today? See Memories of St Helena.

The 2021 Wirebird Census results show another year of decline in total numbers but there is hope for the future. See The Wirebird.

We have further information on the shape of the Fort of St. John - a painting from 1705 showing no triangular buildings.

Just when we thought nobody was writing Blogs anymore a new one arrives! See Blogs.

There’s an interesting new video about Jonathan, on his page.

We’ve improved the way the annual-events data is presented on our pages On This Day, In This Week, In This Month and This Year.

You can see and download the island’s official tourist map for 2021 from our page Maps of St Helena.

All current dates & times on this site are now displayed as St Helena time (GMT). This means you are seeing St Helena as it actually is; as if you are here. Depending on where you are in the world, at certain times of (your) day your date may be different from St Helena’s. This is intentional.

The alerts for people who don’t activate Javascript have been removed. Nobody these days turns off Javascript - in most modern browsers it isn’t even possible. If you do turn off Javascript the site simply won’t work properly, but then neither will most others…

There is a fascinating article about the history and origins of our place names on our page Place Names.

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30th January 2021

This is a technical update that fixes a few minor issues with the previous release.

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26th January 2021

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As with previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

Was the original Fort of St. John really triangular, as it is usually drawn? Maybe not. See What shape was the fort, and where exactly was it?.

We know why The Cannister (the building at the top of Main Street which houses the Tourist Information Office and the Arts & Crafts Centre), is spelt with a double-n. See our page Glossary.

We have two new pages. You can learn more about how St Helena is seen on Social Media on our new page Social Media. There is also now a calendar, featuring the facts and events of the current year, on our new page This Year.

Lastly, there are lots of technical changes that should make pages load faster on a slower Internet connection.

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15th December 2020

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As with previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

Our new pages St Helena in World War 1 and St Helena in World War 2 summarise St Helena’s involvement in the world’s biggest conflicts of the 20th Century.

Related to World War 1, thanks to Eric Constantine we now have a photograph of the unveiling of the Bridge Memorial Clock.

The enslaved usually only appear in the Records where they fell foul of the law, but Toby was an exception. Read about him on our other new page.

We’ve added two videos to the page The Flax Industry. One describes the industry in 1962; the other describes the attempted revival in the mid-1980s. On the page Building St Helena Airport we’ve added a video showing the First Fixed-Wing Plane landing.

John Coyle has kindly shared some high-quality colour photographs of St Helena in the late 1960s, which we have included on various pages.

There’s an interesting new German map of St Helena on the Maps page Maps of St Helena which has a unique (wrong!) shape for the island and a nice drawing of Jamestown. There’s also another new map from 1683, also with the wrong shape for the island!

Read about the card game Napoleonplayed while he was here: Napoleon at St Helena.

You can now go Go-Karting on St Helena…

Finally a quick ‘Did you know…?’: There are quite a few places in the world called St Helena (or some variation thereof), but our island has the distinction of being the original! Our St Helena was discovered and named in 1502. The places in America and Australia now called St Helena were all not named such until the 19th Century, at least 300 years after we claimed the name…

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26th October 2020

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As with previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

Clara’s School’ was a remarkable achievement, providing mostly-free basic education for the enslaved and ‘Free Blacks’ and the first known establishment to teach lace making. It gets a special mention on our Education page and Clara herself features on our Important People page.

Thanks to a contributor we have learned more about the time ball system, so have updated the description on our Time page.

In 1872 they installed new guns at Mundens Fort. How did they get them up the steep, narrow path? See our Guns page for photographs.

The MFV Westerdam was the centre of the first modern attempt at offshore fishing. Read about her on our Fish Processing page.

We have continued to expand our Slavery and the enslaved, Slavery on St Helena and Attacking the Slave Trade pages.

For the first time we have added some short videos to the site, on pages National Flower, The Governor of St Helena, Famous Visitors and RMS St Helena. (Previously we only linked to videos available on YouTube™.) There is also a new page, Videos about St Helena, presenting an index all the videos linked or shown on the site.

We’ve improved the layout of all our Group Index pages, making them clearer and easier to use: Island Activities, Community Pages, Island History, Island Information, Island Nature, Island People, Island Pictures, Island Places and Island Structures.

Lastly, maybe the new Colour Scheme Black Lives Matter would appeal to you? To change the configuration use the icon in the Control Icons Panel (top, right).
We’ve also set it as the default colour scheme on our Slavery and the enslaved, Slavery on St Helena and Attacking the Slave Trade pages.

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22nd September 2020

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As with previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History. There is also an article about our national response on our Saints page.

In the light of the global Black Lives Matter movement we’ve reviewed our coverage of slavery and decided to split our Slavery and the enslaved page to give more emphasis on the two distinct phases of St Helena’s involvement with slavery. The new pages are Slavery on St Helena which describes how St Helena was built by the enslaved, and Attacking the Slave Trade which talks about the way, after slavery was abolished here, St Helena went on to help disrupt the International Slave Trade. The page Slavery and the enslaved remains to introduce these two and discuss common issues. In the process we’ve significantly added to the information presented.

We also decided our sister islands deserved pages of their own. See Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha. There is also additional material and many more images.

In September the Equality & Human Rights Commission wrote to Governor Rushbrook about the changes being proposed to our constitution, making comprehensive proposals. You can download this from our page Our Constitution.

Read about the laws governing St Helena in 1672 (ish) on our page The East India Company.

Our page Zzyzx, the repository for anything we found interesting but which didn’t seem to fit anywhere else, now has content again. Read about the Crime of the Week

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26th August 2020

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As with previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

If you need just the basic facts about St Helena you want our new page Quick Facts. Each item links to a detailed explanation if you want to know more. In parallel this has resulted in tweaks to several other pages, especially Visitor Information and National Symbols.

The controversial plans to turn Ruperts into an industrial site are discussed here.

We finally found a scan of the 2002 Quincentenary Photomosaic Poster made from islander’s faces. It’s here: Quincentenary of St Helena.

We’ve also been working on the inter-page links, and inter-alia many pages now have a SEE ALSO near the sections index.

Previously images were limited to a maximum of 2400 pixels in either direction. The limit is now 10000 pixels (higher for maps) and over time we will be re-publishing existing images in higher resolution. Enjoy!

Lastly, maybe the new Colour Scheme Fuschia would appeal to you? To change the configuration use the icon in the Control Icons Panel (top, right).

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1st August 2020

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This is mostly a technical update. The only significant content change is the reporting of the second ‘repatriation flight’ on pages A Brief History and Fly here.

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28th July 2020

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As with previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

It looks like our Constitution will be changed in 2020/21. We report what is said to be needed on our Our Constitution page.

We have a new Community Page for the island band Forgotten Colony. You can even hear a clip from their song Caught in a Moment.

For some time we have collected mis-descriptions of St Helena from the world’s press but the example we’ve now added may win the prize… See Do they mean us?.

We’ve put in lots more Location Maps, to help you find places, particularly on page Historic Buildings In Brief - Jamestown.

Previously the icon (in the Control Icons, top right) only allowed you to tab through the Colour Scheme options. Now it links you to a separate page with various parameters you can set - still including Colour Scheme (of which there are now many more{2}) but also fonts, font sizes and more. More here. It is our intention to expand the selection of configurable parameters in the future. Please contact us if you have any suggestions.

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24th June 2020

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As with the previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic is affecting St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

We’ve finally got round to setting up St. Matthew’s Church with a page of its own: St. Matthew’s Church.

Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is now split into two. FAQ about St Helena appear on page Frequently Asked Questions about St Helena, and FAQ specifically about Saint Helena Island Info appear on page Frequently Asked Questions about this site.

Can you help us identify the mystery building on our page Lost and almost-lost Buildings?

We almost have democracy on St Helena but compared to our overall timeline this is only a tiny proportion. See the chart at the end of the History section of page Government.

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26th May 2020

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As with the last update, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic is affecting St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

Peter Neaum, who was a priest here in the 1980s, let us use his many photos across the site, but paticularly here: Photography.

We have a pilot’s eye view of landing at St Helena Airport (runway 20) here: Fly here.

There’s now an alphabetic index of our Governors at the top of the page The Governor of St Helena.

We have more on the Diana’s Peak name mystery, but still no solution. See Diana’s Peak. Can you help?

The little moon-phase image in the Current Astronomical Data on page Astronomy now changes daily - not a big change but, we felt, worth making! And on the same page we now have some useful information on the Southern Cross, a constellation you can only see from here in the Southern Hemisphere.

We have an intermediate resolution copy of the new official island map at Maps of St Helena.

And, as noted in the last release, all support for users who do not enable Javascript has been removed. See here: About This Site.

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27th April 2020

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If you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic is affecting St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our Brief History page here: A Brief History.

There’s a new feature on our Introduction page which helps first-time visitors know where to begin. See What do you want to know about? on Introduction.

There are some pictures from the 1960s showing the Diplomatic Wireless Station being constructed, on page Diplomatic Wireless Station.

George Reynolds shared with us a wonderful picture of Matty John at the White Horse in the 1970s. See it at Characters of St Helena.

Finally, please note that some time ago we posted a notice for users that do not enable Javascript, warning that we would disable non-Javascript features unless we heard reasons not to. We have heard nothing so our next release will remove all processing for users that do not enable Javascript. For such users the site will still work but some content will no longer be available. Modern browsers enable Javascript by default, and on some it is actually quite difficult to disable, so we are confident this will not affect many, if any, users.

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8th April 2020

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This was a technical update. There was little by way of content change, just a few revisions to reflect recent changes.

There is only one item worthy of note - the article about the longevity of Whale Sharks - see page Whale Sharks.

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25th March 2020

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We knew the ‘Liberated Africans’ were employed on the island as labourers but we hadn’t realised that they were, initially at least, unpaid. We think this is not much different from the slavery they were liberated from. We discuss this here: Attacking the Slave Trade.

There is something deeply magnetic about this tiny piece of South Atlantic rock. Read more here: Read articles about St Helena (and other pages).

We’ve improved the astronomical data for star-gazers on our page Astronomy.

We have more complete data on Wirebird numbers on our page The Wirebird.

Once again we’ve updated our page Fish Processing with the latest news.

We have the latest information about Governor’s Cup 2020 on our page The Governor’s Cup.

There’s a new island map from 1815 looking only at the sea features. See Maps of St Helena.

Finally, the Covid-19 global pandemic is fast-developing and we do not attempt to provide up-to-the-minute news. See A Brief History for useful sources about the situation on St Helena.

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26th February 2020

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We now have astronomical data on many pages. Sunrise, Sunset, current moon phase, etc. There is additional data of use to star-gazers on our page Astronomy.

There’s a great new article about realising a dream of swimming with whale sharks on our page Whale Sharks.

The 2020 Wirebird Census has been published and we have the numbers on our page The Wirebird.

We have a new building on our page Lost and almost-lost Buildings - can you help us with its history?

Did Charles Darwin really, as has been reported, uncover the Windshear problem with our Airport as far back as 1836? See Famous Visitors for our thoughts.

New sounds on our page Sounds of St Helena include ‘Playtime at Pilling Primary School’, ‘The Run flowing’, ‘The Run being flushed’ and ‘The Dawn Chorus at the Duke of Edinburgh Playground’. If there’s a sound you’d like included please contact us.

We’ve tried to stay up-to-date on Fish Processing on our page Fish Processing.

You wait ages for a decent article about St Helena and then two turn up at once! See Read articles about St Helena.

And lastly the new page In This Month documents events past, present and future for whatever is the current month.

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27th January 2020

Page Image

All these updates relate to sounds on the site.

We have a new page bringing together the Sounds of St Helena. Go to Sounds of St Helena to learn more. We plan to keep adding to this page. New sounds in this update include the waves at Jamestown seaside and the bell of Jamestown Baptist Church.

We also now have an index of all the audio files on the site, at Audio Index, and whenever an audio file trigger box appears there is a link to this index (ⓘ).

And finally on Audio Files, the trigger box has changed. Either, as before, click where it says to open and play the audio file in a new browser tab or window (depending on your browser) or hover over the icon to achieve the same without opening a new tab/window. The latter seems to work on most modern browsers. The former works on everything, so you always have a fallback.

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21st January 2020

Page Image

We have a new page on bees, beekeeping and honey production. Did you know our honey is 100% organic? See Bees and Beekeeping.

There are no deadly or truly dangerous animals here but there are a few that might cause you a problem if you encounter one. We detail these on our new page Problem Animals.

If you want to actually hear the Bridge Memorial Clock there’s now an audio file on Bridge Memorial Clock.

Our page Cruise Ship Days now lists the future ship calls, which we will keep updated as the data becomes available.

Want to overtake a slow vehicle but it won’t move over? The answer’s on our Driving in St Helena page.

We now know what a ‘Kissing Dance’ was, and why it scandalised Governor Robert Jenkins. See our Glossary page.

And, naturally, we took the opportunity to update the Christmas images on our page Christmas.

Finally, you should note that only those tours listed on our Visitor Information page are recommended. If you can personally recommend a tour we have not listed please contact us.

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16th December 2019

Cloud Swirls, 2019

We have more information on the 2020 Governor’s Cup Cape to St Helena Race at The Governor’s Cup.

There’s another fascinating Cloud Swirls photograph here: Weather and climate.

PC Leonard (’Lenny’) Coleman gets a mention on our Important People page at Important People - he died in the line of duty in 1982.

We’d mentioned in passing why sailing ships had to divert across the Atlantic when sailing south to The Cape. We’ve now expanded this to a full explanation at Before Discovery.

The date when our first air-mail arrived has changed again! See the new data and conclusion here: Postage Stamps.

We realised our Driving page told you everything about driving except where to buy fuel, so we’ve corrected that ommission: Driving in St Helena.

We’ve changed the way it works when you click on an image to enlarge it. People with popups not blocked (rare) found the image opened twice. This should now be fixed. Please report any issues: Contact Us.

We’ve also re-instated the Crest in the top left of every page (e.g. Introduction), and watch because the crest changes slightly with the seasons….

Now when we show a local telephone number you can click on it to dial the number from your browser (assuming your browser is set up to do this). See About This Site.

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27th November 2019

Page Image

A few content changes…

Did ‘Jack the Ripper’ visit St Helena? Read about it here: Famous Visitors.

We have an interesting article about the genetic origins of St Helena’s formerly-enslaved. See Attacking the Slave Trade.

The clock on St. James’ Church wasn’t mentioned on the church’s page, but now it is, including the ‘falling weights’ tale (not to be missed!)

A special thank you to Robyn Sim for her wonderful sunset picture which (with her permission) we’ve used on Could you live here? with the title ‘Relax!’ We feel it sums up the St Helena lifestyle.

The rest are more technical changes, aimed at improving how Saint Helena Island Info looks, feels and operates… All are incorporated on our page About This Site.

Level 1 headings are now numbered, to make it easier to keep track of where you are on a page.

You can now select from several colour schemes to suit your needs and taste (still including HIGH CONTRAST for sight-impaired users, which we introduced with the last release and have now improved). This enhancement also necessitated a change to the control icons panel (top, right) which are now cleaner and clearer.

We like to put lots of links into our pages (so you can easily refer elsewhere for more information) but with so many links the standard underline was too harsh and distracting, so we’ve made it a little less prominent.

If you click on a Footnote {1} or a Credit {a} you go to the bottom of the page. Now you can click on the marker there (e.g. {1} or {a}) to get back to where you were. The RETURN button is no longer needed and was not reliable so has been removed.

We have ceased testing on Internet Explorer™. Our reasons are given in a footnote to About This Site. If you still use IE we recommend you switch to *Google Chrome™, *Firefox™ or *Opera™.

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30th October 2019

Page Image

We wondered why St. James’ Church had apparently American spelling on its altar. Now we know. See St. James’ Church for the answer.

Feeling homesick? If it might help, you can hear the Mynahs roosting in the Duke of Edinburgh Playground: Birds.

We’ve included a Gazetteer for St Helena, with all the significant places on St Helena and where to learn more. See Gazetteer.

Dot’s Cafe gets a mention on our Fishcakes, and other food page, with memories and an amusing story about her Sign. If you have stories to contribute about Dot and her Cafe please contact us.

The various ‘World xxx Day’s relevant to St Helena now feature on the most related page and a flash comes up on the actual day. For example, see Education.

Information about the 2020 ‘Cape to St Helena’ (Governor’s Cup) yacht race is beginning to emerge. What we already know is at The Governor’s Cup.

We have outline details on many community organisations here: Community Pages. If you represent one of these groups and want to upgrade to a free full page, please contact us.

Our Visitors page now doesn’t just indicate some tours you might take, it recommends some. See Visitor Information.

Congratulations to Kenickie Andrews on becoming Napoleon! Napoleonic Bicentenary.

And finally, our pages now have Easter Eggs - things that pop-up when you hover over a word or words with no prior clue that they’re there (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_egg_(media)). This is completely pointless but is a fun feature of many video games and also, now, Saint Helena Island Info. Here’s one we will reveal: Go to Glossary and hover over the word establishments (first line). That’s how it works. Have fun searching for the others!

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25th September 2019

Curious Bell

Why is a Victorian ship’s bell used at St. Helena & The Cross church, founded in 1951? Read about it at Churches of St Helena.

In the 19th Century it was proposed that St Helena be a coaling station for steamships, even though St Helena has no coal - it would need to be brought here - on ships! See here: Industries.

According to a local tale there used to be Monkeys living in Half Tree Hollow. Early ‘Moncat’s? Read about them here: Myths Debunked!

Iris Blackstockings gets an Honourable Mention on Characters of St Helena.

Need to communicate a location to us? See Glossary.

We’ve increased the size of the images in our two main slideshows - see Slide Show and Slide Show, Historic.

And, for the record, Jonathan is a Tortoise, not a "turtle", but we may know why the mistake is made. See Jonathan the tortoise.

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27th August 2019

Page Image

Given the current drought you might be interested in St Helena’s Wet Decade, reported here: Weather and climate (and other pages).

We’ve improved our Comparative History page, brining it up to 1999; Comparative History (Royalty has also been improved).

Our Do they mean us? page now features some much older mis-representations of St Helena which are fun to see. See Do they mean us?.

We’ve provided information about the Dutch East India Company, which invaded and captured St Helena in 1672. See The East India Company.

If you need a high-contrast display there is now an icon in the control icons panel (top right) that sets or re-sets this. This is explained on page About This Site.

The site now uses What3Words locations for major locations, and we will progressively expand this across the site (it’s a major task so may require some time to complete). See Glossary to learn more.

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24th July 2019

Page Image

If you’ve spotted that St Helena is surrounded by many tiny islands you can read all about them on our new page Islands.

We discovered that ‘Raffles’ (of Singapore fame) was another of our Famous Visitors and also met Napoleon, his views on whom we report on Famous Visitors.

Our list of misbehaving clerics just got longer! See Titbits from the records.

Seek out the Crimes-of-the-week from 1982 here: Radio St Helena.

We now know definitively where the Sex Garage was/is. If you want to visit see Place Names.

Are Saints ‘Nationalistic’? We attempt an answer at Saints.

Bencoolen is a hill just south of the Airport. Why the strange name? See Place Names.

Again we’ve expanded our Glossary (Glossary) and we’ve restructured it to make things easier to find.

There are now interesting Read More articles on pages Whale Sharks and Maldivia Gardens and an additional one on Postage Stamps.

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26th June 2019

Page Image

We’ve radically enhanced our page Holidays and other festivals. It now calculates the dates for almost all future holidays and also includes ‘Block Leave’. Our page Easter Activities also gives the date for next Easter.

Our page Frequently Asked Questions about St Helena had got up to 36 items, so we hived off all of the Can you help me with… questions to a new page Help With.

We’ve incorporated information on the Jacob’s Ladder Challenge into the page Jacob’s Ladder.

The Glossary now includes pubs/bars/clubs: Glossary.

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11th June 2019

Page Image

How many voices can you identify? We’ve included the audio mix from the Radio St Helena archive tapes, made by Burgh House Media Productions for the Hertige Society AGM in May. See Radio St Helena.

We have a new page asking why St Helena was not discovered before 1502. See Before Discovery.

We always knew our air was clean and fresh, but now we have data to prove it! See our new page Air-Quality.

Nick Thorpe showed us what is clearly a worked flint, found recently, so is this more evidence of Stone Age Inhabitants? See Before Discovery to learn more.

Courtesy of historian Ian Bruce we have passenger lists for some of the emigration ships, which may help family history researchers. See Escape! or our Family And Friends page.

As we suspected, Thornton’s 1703 New Mapp wasn’t new - it was a copy of one by John Seller in 1675. We have Seller’s original at Maps of St Helena.

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12th May 2019

Page Image

Did St Helena have ‘Stone Age’ inhabitants? We examine the claim on our Discovery page Discovery of St Helena.

Talking about our discovery, water was an important reason why the Portuguese laid claim to our island and even tried to keep its existence a secret. Read about the ‘boom-and-bust’ history of our water on our new page Water.

G A D (‘Tony’) Thornton did a lot for St Helena but was quite a controversial character so we’ve written about him on our Characters page Characters of St Helena and we’ve also added his beloved Rose Cottage to Historic Buildings In Brief - Country.

And we’ve updated the Governors page to reflect recent changes - see The Governor of St Helena.

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16th April 2019

Page Image

We’ve added a page about the period from St Helena’s discovery up to the English colonisation. It’s at The Early Years. It expands what is on our A Brief History page.

The Portuguese tried to keep their discovery of St Helena a secret, but failed miserably! To find out why see our new page The St Helena Secret.

The UK Daily Mail has again qualified for our ‘Do They Mean Us?’ page. See Do they mean us? Penguins? Really?

Remember Eric M. George (‘Mr Music’)? You can hear him in an extract from a series on music he made for Radio St Helena just before his death. See Important People and there are more new audio files, especially on The Governor of St Helena and Glossary.

We’ve added data on the other military corps that existed here at various times onto the The St Helena Regiment page and moved the long list of serving soldiers to a download to make the page neater.

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28th March 2019

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Ships have always been very important to St Helena. Our new page Ships indexes all the ships and other vessels mentioned on the site, with links to the referring pages.

We now have a Direct Search facility from our home page. It’s easier to use than explain! Type into your browser’s address bar http://sainthelenaisland.info/?jonathan and see where it takes you. Accepts single words, multiple words (http://sainthelenaisland.info/?castle gardens) and partial words (http://sainthelenaisland.info/?memor). Enjoy!

We’ve brought the Fly here page up-to-date with all the alterations recently made to schedules, etc.

We’d missed the history of the MFV Extractor. It’s now at Fish Processing.

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7th March 2019

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The Castle of Otranto page has been expanded based on new information provided by historian Ian Bruce. There’s even a new theory! See it at The Castle of Otranto.

Jonathan’s age has been accepted by Guinness World Records. See their article here Jonathan the tortoise and here Read articles about St Helena.

Read about Sustainable Tourism and a Remote Island: Read articles about St Helena and also Visitor Information.

Our work digitising the old Radio St Helena archives continues and as a result there are some new audio files to hear and/or download. See: Lost Ships, Building St Helena Airport and Government.

We made a small alteration to the menu icon (which triggers the pop-up menu). It’s now in the top RIGHT of the screen, above the other control icons (Top-of-page; Navigation; and Help). We also added a ’Give Feedback’ button to these control icons - use this to send us an email about the contents of the page. About This Site explains.

And most pages now have a Linked Events section, listing events from our Events Database that reference the page. See Blue Hill for an example.

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{1} Campaigning for ‘leave’ in the 2016 BREXIT Referendum - in which, by the way, the people of St Helena were not permitted to vote, even though people in other Overseas Territories were.{2} .

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