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Island Structures

Our buildings and other structures

The physicality of any built structure can be altered over time as additions and alterations are made.
Dana Arnold

This is a subset of our Island Information pages which covers buildings and other structures on St Helena.

If there is a structure on St Helena that we have not covered please contact us and we’ll try to add it in.

Extract from Read’s map of St Helena, 1817
Extract from Read’s map of St Helena, 1817

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Random Structures Page:

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These are the pages you are searching for • All good books contain an index…

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The Briars Pavilion
Napoleon’s Other House • Before Longwood House was ready, Napoleon stayed at the Briars Pavilion

Bridge Memorial Clock
Tick Tock • Jamestown’s Bridge Memorial Clock keeps the town running on time…more or less

Building St Helena Airport
Built and operating • Building St Helena Airport may have been the biggest single construction project in the island’s history

The Castle
The most important of the Public Buildings • The seat of Government for ! years.

Churches of St Helena
And other religious buildings • St Helena has historic and more modern churches to investigate.

Dark Tourism
Visiting the darker parts of our history. • Like everywhere else, our history has its darker parts.

Duke of Edinburgh Playground
For Kids; For Everyone • An important recreational space in the heart of Jamestown

Forts and Batteries
Defensive military installations • St Helena was always defended, ever since the Dutch invaded the island in the 17th century

The Missing Fountain Mystery
Where did it go? • A monument to a great disaster, which disappeared mysteriously in the 1940s.

The Great Wood Wall
Too little, too late • The ‘Great Wood Wall’ was an early, but sadly unsuccessful, attempt at conservation.

The Historic Environment Record
A catalogue… • The Historic Environment Record is a database of anything old and important on the island.

High Knoll Fort
Important, in the past and today • As the largest military installation on the island High Knoll Fort is certainly important; and it’s also interesting…

Historic Buildings
A standing reminder • St Helena has an abundance of interesting historic buildings to explore.

Historic Buildings In Brief - Country
A sample • St Helena has many historic buildings. The ones here are only introduced - to learn more, just explore them!

Historic Buildings In Brief - Jamestown
A sample • St Helena has many historic buildings. The ones here are only introduced - to learn more, just explore them!

A home on the range • In what kind of houses do people live on St Helena?

Jacob’s Ladder
Stairway to heaven? • ‘Jacob’s Ladder’? That’s something to do with the Bible, isn’t it? To find out, read on…

Longwood House
Napoleon’s residence • For most of his time on St Helena, Napoleon Bonaparte lived at Longwood House.

Lost and almost-lost Buildings
‘In need of some work…’ • Conservation and heritage are relatively new concepts on St Helena…

Myths Debunked!
Everybody knows that… • While researching for this website we were told many things that ‘everybody knows’, many of which proved to be untrue. We detail them here.

Napoleon’s Tomb
But not his final resting place • Set in Sane Valley it is a peaceful spot for quiet contemplation of the life of Napoleon.

Monitoring and measuring • Because of its location St Helena was chosen for many scientific observations

Other Military Sites
…and related places • St Helena has many other military-related structures that are not forts…

The Castle of Otranto
A puzzling name • A 19th Century map shows ‘The Castle of Otranto’. Where is it and why is it so named?

Plantation House
The Governor’s Residence • Plantation House has been the official home of the Governor of St Helena since 1792.

Our (Other) Railway
Useful; not quite as famous • Everyone knows about the ‘Inclined Plane’ that became Jacob’s Ladder, but that was not St Helena’s only railway…

Take me home… • Roads may not sound exciting, but many of our roads have a fascinating history.

Saved Buildings
Almost lost; now restored • Some of our historic buildings were thought lost, but have now been restored.

The Seven Wonders of St Helena
Your itinerary? • The ancient world is not alone in having Seven Wonders - and these are ones you can see today!

St. James’ Church
The oldest Anglican church in the Southern Hemisphere • Built in 1774 St. James’ Church is the oldest Anglican church in the Southern Hemisphere

St. Paul’s Cathedral
Important, but with humble beginnings • Originally just the ‘Country Church’, St. Paul’s now has Cathedral status.

White Ants
A pest by any other name… • More than just slaves were liberated from the intercepted slave ships.

Anything that didn’t fit in elsewhere • A collection of items that, while about or related to St Helena, did not justify a page of their own or fit into any of our other pages.

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Lime Kiln (before restoration)
Sandy Bay Lime Kiln (before restoration)

Laugh at funny Island Structures humour - LOL

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