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Our world is a thing of utter inordinate complexity and richness and strangeness that is absolutely awesome.
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A collection of items that, while relevant, did not justify a page of their own or fit into any other page

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Below: Why is this page called ‘Zzyzx’?Crime of the week!

Why is this page called ‘Zzyzx’?

Well… Zzyzx is the last word that appears in the online dictionary ‘Wiktionary’. It is actually a place name in California and various other things. It seemed a more interesting name than ‘Sundry’ or ‘Miscellaneous’. We could have called it ‘ort’, meaning a small scrap of food left after a meal is completed, but we didn’t.

It should be noted that the contents of this page may be fluid. At the time we add an item here it may not fit in anywhere else, but as Saint Helena Island Info continues to develop, we may find a better place for it and thus remove it from here. So if this page is empty please don’t contact us!

Crime of the week!

We were fascinated when we read the following announcement on the Government of St Helena website, also widely shared on Facebook™:

Where else in the world, we asked ourselves, are there so few crimes committed that anybody would pay attention to what could at best be described as a petty theft?

It also occurred to us that, given the cost (in terms of person-hours) of creating and issuing this notice, it would have been cheaper for the Government of St Helena to have just bought the poor chap a brand-new hoe…

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