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Why is this site here? How do you get the best from it? Read on…

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About This Site [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site]

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What is this site for?

Put simply, it aims to be a resource which documents St Helena, the island in the South Atlantic. We aim for it to cover everything you could possibly need to know about St Helena: past, present and future.

That’s quite a challenge, and with information pages already on Saint Helena Island Info we feel we are still only scratching the surface!

Please note that it is our intention to address our subject in a light-hearted manner, while maintaing factual accuracy.

This site does not use ‘cookies’.

How to use Saint Helena Island Info

If St Helena is new to you, perhaps because you stumbled on this site while looking for something else, start with our Where is St Helena? page, so that at least you know where we are, and then perhaps go to the Information Index page to begin exploring.

If you’re new to Saint Helena Island Info, the best place to start is our Information Index page. This will show you how to navigate to the detail you seek.

Or you could try the , or a randomly-selected one:

Page Structure

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Pages on Saint Helena Island Info follow a standard structure:

  • On the left there is the menu. This provides quick access to the main pages on the site. It is the same on every page.

  • Each page begins with a title and a subtitle. It may also have ‘context badges’, perhaps indicating the physical location of the place the page is discussing, or that the subject is, for example, one of our Seven Wonders, etc.

  • Next there is usually an amusing or thought-provoking quote related to the subject of the page, followed by a banner which provides an introduction to the page’s contents.

  • Below the banner are some social media icons{1}.

    We actively encourage users to share our content on social media, and get a discussion going about what we have written. And if your discussion leads you to believe we should change our content, please contact us.

  • Then you will find an image related to the page contents and a top-level menu (‘Go to: ’). There may also be indexes to ‘our other’ related pages.

  • The page content follows. Links to other pages or to selected external content are highlighted thus.

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    Images are frequently shown as thumbnails: click on the image to open it full-size in a new tab or window in your browser (example, right){1}.

  • At the bottom you will usually find one or more reproductions{2} of articles on topics related to the page content. After this there is usually a humourous image related to the page’s contents.

  • Then there are any footnotes and item credits. These are indicated in the text with markers: {1} for footnotes and {a} for credits. Most browsers will show the text of the footnote/credit if you hover over the marker, or you can click on the marker to be taken to the footnote/credit text itself. The ‘Go Back’ button takes you back to where you were.

  • These are followed by the Navigation section, helping you identify further pages of interest.

    • There may be one or more indexes, depending on the indexes in which the page appears - the drop-down boxes{1} link to all the pages in the relevant index.

    • There is also a navigation option that lists all pages.

    • Two page-searches follow, one which searches by page title, subtitle and keywords{1}, and the Google™ search which is a full-page search{1}.

    • Finally, there is our Take Me Anywhere But Here! feature{1}.

  • Lastly on the page-proper the social media icons appear again{1} followed by some general and page-specific information.

  • Beneath the page are two functions{1}:

    1. a translate facility if English is not your preferred language; and

    2. a link to selecting books to buy related to St Helena.

  • Weights and measurements are normally given in SI units (Km, Kg, etc.). Some older texts use the original imperial units. In general, if you hover your mouse cursor over a unit, its equivalent should appear as a tool-tip (though this depends on your browser).

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We welcome
your feedback!


You will note that there are no adverts on this site.

Unlike some other St Helena sites we do not need to sell you stuff to support, our (few) costs are paid by the • Moonbeams Shop • opens in a new window or tab [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site]Moonbeams Shop.

St Helena History

Several pages use information from the Records{3} and from the island’s newspapers, which we have compiled into a database of items ranging from to . One such is our Chronology page.

It is our intention to maintain and keep this database updated.

Material we have used

Information is reproduced here for educational non-commercial use only; all copyrights are acknowledged.

Information and images presented on this site are gleaned from sources too numerous to list, many on the Internet and all in the public domain. Acknowledgement is offered to:

If you think we have breached your copyright or used your copyrighted writings/images without your permission please contact us.

Site History and Updates

Our normal pattern is to update weekly on a Friday at around midday GMT{4} When completed we announce these updates on our Facebook™ page and Twitter™ feed., June 2010 [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site], June 2010

This site was first registered on 1st July 2010, . Initially the site had 19 pages, 12 of which were detail pages, and 77 images. See the screen-shot (right):

The current colours, layout and logo came in 2012, and by October 2012 the site was up to 23 pages (15 detail pages) and 210 images. By the end of 2014 there were 89 pages (79 detail pages); 28 downloads and 1,306 images, and the site has continued to grow steadily ever since.

You can see which pages were updated in the most recent release.

Who is ‘we’?

This site is provided by the • Moonbeams Shop • opens in a new window or tab [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site]Moonbeams Shop, selling cards, gifts & souvenirs in Jamestown, St Helena. The site is edited by John Turner, who moved to St Helena with his family in 2005 and aims to stay here for the rest of his life!

Location map, Moonbeams Shop [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site]

We operate this site from the • Moonbeams Shop • opens in a new window or tab [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site]Moonbeams Shop in Napoleon Street{5}, Jamestown.

Editor, John Turner [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site]
Editor, John Turner

We welcome callers, so if you want to visit in person, the map (left) should help. The editor, John Turner, is normally available 9am-1pm GMT, Mon-Fri.

If you have a question

Feel free to contact us with your question, but perhaps we have already answerered it? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to many common questions we are asked about Saint Helena Island Info and about St Helena itself, including:

Beware of impostors!

Impostor flag [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site]

We are aware of other sites using similar URLs to ours, some of which also include out-of-date copies of our content and one has even stolen our images! They seem to exist purely to sell you stuff; we exist purely to provide accurate information about St Helena. NB: We also cannot commit that these copycats are safe to use. There is nothing we can do to prevent these imitators; we just treat it as recognition that our site is the leading independent site about St Helena and is the one to copy! As long as you make sure you only visit and ignore the mimics you can be assured of the best information from a safe website.

Technical Information

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Standards Conformance

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Please contact us to report any usability problems, specifying as much technical information (OS, browser version, etc.) as possible.
Thank you.

Site Index

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Error Page

Unresolved URLs are directed here: Error Page

Work In Progress

Please note that some pages on this site may be under construction and that these pages may not yet work fully as advertised. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We welcome feedback, so please contact us with your comments on our work so far.

Images are limited to a maximum dimension of 1600 pixels (but maps are permitted to be larger).

Site Maintenance

This site was created and is maintained for us by • Burgh House Software • opens in a new window or tab [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site]Burgh House Software (part of • Burgh House • opens in a new window or tab [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site]Burgh House Limited), to whom all technical queries should be directed.

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{1} Javascript logo [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site] Requires Javascript; please check your browser’s instructions.

{2} Reproduced for educational non-commercial use only; all copyrights are acknowledged

{3} The St Helena Records is a collection of documents dating back to the earliest days of St Helena, held in the Government of St Helena Archives. The Archives can be accessed in person or via email - see our Family And Friends page for more. You can search our events database, extracted from the Records, on our Chronology page.

{4} It can take 30-60 minutes to upload the updates because of St Helena’s slow Internet connection. Although we try to upload in a continuity-friendly manner, during this hour you may experience issues accessing the site, for which we apologise.

{5} We understand that prior to Napoleon’s exile Napoleon Street was known as Cock Street. We do not know exactly when it was renamed. The • Moonbeams Shop • opens in a new window or tab [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site]Moonbeams Shop is in Napoleon Street.


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Got a question about St Helena? We’ve already answered many common questions on our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page, including:  but if your question isn’t covered please contact us.

This site is provided by the • Moonbeams Shop • opens in a new window or tab [Saint Helena Island Info:About This Site]Moonbeams Shop, selling cards, gifts & souvenirs in Jamestown, St Helena.


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