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Everybody’s got to be somewhere!
Eccles (from The Goon Show), in response to the question What are you doing down here?


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About This Site

Helping you use Saint Helena Island Info

What is this site for? • How to use Saint Helena Island Info • If you have a question • Island History • Material we have used • Site History and Updates • Beware of impostors! • ‘What the Saints did next ’ • Technical Information • Who is ‘we’? • Read More

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In the top 15% globally

How do we know this? • Why is this? • What does this mean? • Even Jamestown? • Read More

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Alarm Forest

The place to live

About Alarm Forest • Stay here? • The Briars • The future • Read More

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Amateur (‘Ham’) Radio


History • The radio scene today • World War 2 • Read More

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Recording images of St Helena

William John Burchell, 1805-1810 • G H Bellasis, 1814-1815 • Denzil Ibbetson, 1815-1823 • JE Fowler, 1863 • Erich Mayer, 1900-1902 • F. Oswell Jones, 1949-1959 • Roland Svensson, 1968 • Iris Linsi, 1994 • Others discussed elsewhere • Even more

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Dark skies, warm nights

Light Pollution • Other advantages • Walking in the footsteps • Read More

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Before Discovery

Why did it take until 1502?

Why wasn’t St Helena discovered earlier? • ‘Stone Age’ Inhabitant(s)? • Read More

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Betsy Balcombe

Napoleon’s Friend

Bringing the two together • At The Briars • In Longwood • The Balcombes Depart • Read More

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Masters of the air

On other pages • Our eclectic collection • Visitors • Domesticated Fowl • Failed Introductions • Extinct Endemics • Read More

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Writing about St Helena

“Visitor” Blogs • History Blogs • Other Blogs • Read More

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The ‘Blue Book’

The Annual Colonial Report

The what? • Useful because • And today?

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Blue Hill

Not many have been there

What happens in Blue Hill? • Stay here? • History • Wirebirds • The Future • Blue Hill in pictures

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Blue Magic (band)

Rock, Blues, Reggae

About Blue Magic • Read More

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Boer Prisoners (1900-1902)

Home-from-home? Not really…

In advance • Arrival • Camp Life • Boer Cemetery • Escapees • Departure (for most) • Impact on St Helena • Read More

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The Briars Pavilion

Napoleon’s Other House

Napoleon, and before • Later History • Today • Read More

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Bridge Memorial Clock

Tick Tock

About the ‘Bridge Clock’ • ‘Standing Tall’ • Read More

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A Brief History

How we got to here

Pre-Discovery • Discovery • Early years • The English take over • The Dutch Invasion • The East India Company again • Napoleon Bonaparte and after • Crown Colony • 20th Century • 21st Century • ‘What the Saints did next ’ • Read More

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Bring back Aishah and Faris

They have a right to see their mother

What happened • What can I do?

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Building St Helena Airport

Built and operating

A long time coming • Building the Airport • An Air Service at last! • St Helena Airport Game • ‘How will St Helena change?’ • Read More

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Fun in the sun

What happens for Carnival • Images of Carnival • Read More

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Carnival Images (Static)

Thumbnails to expand

The Images • Read More

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The Castle

The most important of the Public Buildings

History • The Castle Today • Castle Images • Myths and Legends • Read More

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Castle Gardens

Sit and watch the world go by

Where is it and what’s there? • History • The Fountain • The Waterwitch monument • ‘Ann’s Place’ • ‘No Loitering’ • Read More

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The Castle of Otranto

A puzzling name

What and where? • Why the name? • The name stuck

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Characters of St Helena

Eccentric? Colourful? Mad? You decide…

People • Some Honourable Mentions • We’d like to know more about • Read More

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A great time to be here

How we celebrate Christmas • Images of Christmas • Christmas Past • A snowman in St Helena? • Read More

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Christmas Images (Static)

Thumbnails to expand

The Images

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Search our events database

Select by year range • Select by month and/or day • Select using key words • Statistics • ‘What the Saints did next ’ • Read More

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Churches of St Helena

And other religious buildings

St. James’, Jamestown • St. Paul’s Cathedral, St Pauls • St. Matthew’s, Hutts Gate • Other older churches • More modern churches • Churchyards • The Portuguese Chapel, Jamestown • Related buildings • Gravestones and memorial windows • Read More

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Let’s go to a movie

Early movie theatres • The ‘Talkies’ • Later Developments • Decline and closure

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Classic Cars

Travel back in time

Why are there so many classic cars on St Helena? • Photographs of some cars • One you can definitely ride in • St Helena’s first car • How we scrap cars • Dreams • And also the ultimate classic ‘car’ • Some older cars • Project? • Read More

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St Helena Coffee

‘The only good thing about St Helena is the coffee’ - Napoleon Bonaparte

The history of our coffee • St Helena coffee today • Read More

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Getting the message

Post • Freight • Telephones • Internet and Email • Radio • Television • Communications Companies • Issues • Read More

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The Community Development Organisation

Supporting the island’s community groups

About The Community Development Organisation • Contacts:

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Community Pages

It’s what’s happening…

The Pages • Sectors

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Comparative History

Here and there

Our Comparative History

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Our Constitution

Our supreme legislative document

What it is • Read More

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Contact Us

Ways to get in touch

Contact Options • Meet us in person

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Could you live here?

What you need to consider

Do you want • Can you cope with • How to live here • What to bring (and what to leave behind) • Thoughts on bringing a vehicle • Will I ever be a Saint? • Read More

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Country Music

Keepin’ it country…

Country music and St Helena • Why? • Local Country • Take part! • Read More

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Creative Saint Helena

Promoting, facilitating and mentoring St Helena’s creative, visual, musical and dramatic arts

About Us • IN+VENTIVE • Books • Contact

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Thank you all

Credits to contributors

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Cruise Ship Days

An unusual hive of activity

Tours • Cruise Ship Markets • Visitors’ Comments • Failure to land - what to do • Early cruise ship visitors • Read More

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Dark Tourism

Visiting the darker parts of our history.

What is ‘Dark Tourism’? • The darker aspects of St Helena’s history. • Tips for Exploring • Dark History Tours • Read More

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Dead Links

Gone Away?

Dead Links

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Deliberately Sunken Ships

Sent to the bottom

The MV Frontier, 1994 • The MV Bedgellett, 2001 • The MV Atlantic Rose, 2006 • The MV Portzic, 2008 • And also • Read More

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Diana’s Peak

Our highest point

Not just one, but three • The Diana’s Peak National Park • Walking Diana’s Peak • But who was Diana? • 7 Wonders of St Helena Voting • Read More

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Diplomatic Wireless Station

Or was it spying?

What we know • What we think we know • Pro Bono • The DWS in action • Remnants • Keeping in touch • Read More

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Discovery of St Helena

It’s not that simple

The official version • The feast day of Saint Helena • So where did the date of 21st May come from? • Maybe da Nova didn’t discover St Helena? • Maybe it was 18th August after all? • What about another date? • And the answer is • A Secret? • Events • Read More

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For old wrecks - and anyone else

Wrecks to explore • Facts/Laws/Etc. • A selection of dive sites • The St Helena Dive Club • Dive Companies • Read More

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Diving Images (static)

Thumbnails to expand

The Images

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Dolphin watching

And other marine activities

Watching dolphins • Whales, whale sharks, etc • And while you’re out there • Read More

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The former backbone of island transport

History • The Present Day • Donkey Facts • Meet a donkey! • A New Beginning? • ‘You have donkeys; why not horses?’ • Read More

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Do they mean us?

Some poorly researched pieces to amuse

We can’t find the penguins • Pitcairn Island has been moved! • Tristan da Cunha has been moved! • National Library of Australia • The Daily Mail • Mis-coverage of our new Air Service • The Daily Mail • Shark Attack! • The ‘Rusty Lifeline’ • Interesting picture • Airport ‘scrapped’! • Serious misinformation! • ‘Facts’ from the CIA ‘World Factbook’ • Not here • Daily Express: ‘Top 10 facts about St Helena’ • Daily Telegraph: Napoleon’s final resting place: in pictures • Daily Express: ‘Top 10 facts about St Helena’ • Not where it says • It was ever thus • Read More

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An index to referenced documents

Search downloads • Icon Index • Docs 1 • Docs 2 • Docs 7 • Docs A • Docs B • Docs C • Docs D • Docs E • Docs F • Docs G • Docs H • Docs I • Docs J • Docs L • Docs M • Docs N • Docs O • Docs P • Docs Q • Docs R • Docs S • Docs T • Docs U • Docs V • Docs W • Docs Z • Index of Videos

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Driving in St Helena

Keep left…almost always

Your vehicle • Rules and conventions of the road • Speed Bumps • If you break down • Want to be mistaken for a local? • A few ‘fascinating facts’ • Just to be serious for a moment • How it all began • How we scrap cars • Jamestown Parking Proposals, November 2016 • And finally • Read More

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Duke of Edinburgh Playground

For Kids; For Everyone

Origins • The Duke of Edinburgh Playground • Decline • The Trees • The Duke of Edinburgh Car Park • A Playground Again? • Read More

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The Early Years

Before colonisation

A Portuguese Island, 1502-1633 • A Dutch Island, 1633-1659 • An English Island, 1659-

Page Image

Easter Activities

Fishing and camping

Maundy Thursday Fishing • Camping • Read More

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The East India Company

John, to its friends

Company History • St Helena • The Dutch East India Company (VoC) • Read More

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The Three ‘R’s

An Overview • Some key people • Premises, Premises • What schools were there, and when? • Recognise anybody? • Read More

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Endemic Species

They only live here

The facts • Invertebrates (aka ‘bugs’) • Trees, Ferns, mosses, etc. • ‘Gobblegheer’ • Fish • Others, now probably extinct • Sinners • Why are so many endemics called ‘Bastard ’? • Read More

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The page you requested could not be found

On this site

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The ones that got away

The first (recorded) escapee • The Jackson mutineers of 1693 • The Century of Escapes • Many plots; Zero escapes • Andries Smorenburg’s crate • Captain Willem Merk and his yacht Frontier • HM Prison, Jamestown • Sanctioned departures • Read More

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Not all our visitors wanted to be here!

Fernão Lopez (c.1516-1545) • Napoleon Bonaparte (1815-1821) • Dinuzulu kaCetshwayo (1890-1897) • Boer Prisoners (1900-1902) • Zulu Poll Tax Prisoners (1907-1910) • Sayyid Khalid bin Barghash Al-Busaid (1917-1921) • Bahraini Prisoners (1957-1961) • Almost, but not quite • What’s wrong? • Read More

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Exploring Space

To the stars and beyond

Studying Space from St Helena • Space Treaties • Other Contacts • Our 16th Century Astronaut • Read More

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Family And Friends

How to find people on St Helena

Please don’t • Who to contact - living people • Who to contact - deceased people • How to find a pen-pal • Did your person do something notable on St Helena? • Read More

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Famous Visitors

Let’s drop a few names

1502: João da Nova • 1515: Dürer’s Rhinoceros • 1588: Sir Thomas Cavendish • 1603: Sir James Lancaster • 1658: Johan Nieuhof • 1677: Edmond Halley • 1691: Captain Dampier • 1761: Nevil Maskelyne • 1771: Captain James Cook • 1776: Horatio Nelson • 1784: Fletcher Christian • 1792: Captain Bligh • 1805: The Duke of Wellington • 1816: ‘Raffles’ • 1817: William Thackeray • 1836: Charles Darwin • 1838: Prince William Henry Frederick of Holland • 1840: Prince de Joinville • 1852: SS Great Britain • 1860: HRH Prince Alfred • 1880: Empress Eugenie • 1880 Prince Albert William Heinrich of Prussia • 1898: Joshua Slocum • 1900: Lord Roberts • 1910: Duke of Connaught • 1925: HRH Edward, Prince of Wales • 1929: E M Forster • 1930: Evelyn Waugh • 1936: Lord and Lady Baden-Powell • 1938: Princess Marie Louise • 1947: HRH King George VI • 1957: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh • 1984: HRH Prince Andrew • 2002: HRH Anne, The Princess Royal • Read More

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The First Battle For St Helena?

Well, maybe…

Well known history • The story • So is the story genuine?

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Fishcakes, and other food

A taste of St Helena

Recipes • How to go food shopping on St Helena • Read More

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Hook, line and sinker

Climate & Currents • So what is caught? • History • Decline • Sport Fishing • Fishing from the rocks • Inshore Fishing • The Law • Local and Scientific names • Read More

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Fish Processing

Exploiting our only natural resource

Early Days • Mr Mosely’s curing business • Between the wars • Inward Investors • Fisheries Corporation (SHFC) • Emperor Brand Tuna • Crab Fishing - The Oman Sea One • Tesco • Argos Atlantic • Fish Processing Today • The Future • Read More

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Our Flag

You may want to salute

Our flag • Our Coat of Arms • Our Public Seal • Where is the flag flown? • Other flags and crests • The official crest • The motto mystery • Read More

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The Flax Industry

Economic lifeline or ecological disaster?

History • The industry at work • Remnants today • Read More

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Fly here

The fastest way to get here

Scheduled Commercial Air Service • Check-in times • Other Airport Uses • ‘Category C’ • Other Flying Things • St Helena Airport Game • Poem • Read More

Page Image

Fly Yourself Here

Open for visitors

Regulations & Charges • Fuel Available • Other Useful Information • Other Flying Things • St Helena Airport Game • Read More

Page Image

Forts and Batteries

Defensive military installations

History • Gallery • Cockburn’s Battery • Banks Battery collapse, 2010 • Read More • Read More

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Freedom of Information Campaign

Improving the way Government works

What is Freedom of Information? • Doesn’t the UK’s Freedom of Information Act apply? • Who is behind the campaign? • What has actually been done? • Read More

Page Image

Frequently Asked Questions

And other useful information

Frequently Asked Questions • Peculiar Questions Asked

Page Image

The Friendly Societies

Lending a hand

History • Societies in more detail • Friendly Societies Union • Read More

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Friends of St Helena

Founded in March 1988


Page Image

Geology of St Helena

Upon this rock…

The Myth • Formation • Resultant geology • Erosion: how we got the current island profile • Seamounts • Earthquakes • Geology-related • Read More

Page Image

Get Married Here

A unique venue

Anyone can get married here! • Photos • Some history • Read More

Page Image

Getting Here

How to travel to St Helena

How to get here • Can I bring my pet dog/cat/parrot/elephant? • Travel Advice • More visitor information • Read More

Page Image

Ghost Stories of St Helena

Don’t look round, but…

The Runaway Slaves • The Phantoms of West Lodge • The High Knoll execution • The Ghosts of Pilling School • Free Molly • Kingshurst Community Centre • The Ghosts of Plantation House • The mysterious concierge • The mutineers of Alarm House • Lowry’s Cell • Bishop Welby • The Phantom Ship • Bertrand’s Cottage • Ghosts at the CCC? • Fragments • Superstitions • Read More

Page Image


Terms used

Businesses and Organisations • Medical Terms • Places • UK Government • Other Terms

Page Image

Go Swimming!


The Sea • Our Swimming Pool • A Swimming Story • Read More

Page Image


For the people, by the people?

Government Today • History • Independence? • Youth Parliament • Do and Don’t Do • ‘Hansard’ • British Overseas Territory • Read More

Page Image

The Governor of St Helena

The Crown’s official representative

Role of The Governor • History of Governors of St Helena • Governors: Audio • Governor Janisch Memorial • That could have gone better • Read More

Page Image

The Governor’s Cup

The yacht-race from Cape Town to St Helena

Concept • Race History • Some of the trophies • How do the yachts get home ? • Read More

Page Image

The Governor’s Hat

If you want to get ahead…

Description • When was the hat worn? • Why is it no longer used? • Read More

Page Image

‘Gravity Rush’

It’s all downhill from here

About Gravity Rush • Gravity Rush 2015 • Gravity Rush in pictures • Read More

Page Image

The Great Wood Wall

Too little, too late

History of the wall • The wall today • Read More

Page Image


Old and older

Introduction • Guns and their Sites • Munitions • More guns • Dismounted guns • The Great Gun Rescue • Older images • Guns scrapped • Before Guns • What do you do with an old gun? • Read More

Page Image

Half Tree Hollow

Home on the hill

What’s Here? • Stay here? • History • Read More

Page Image

The Heart Shaped Waterfall

For lovers everywhere

The waterfall itself • 7 Wonders of St Helena Voting • Name • Barnes Road • Read More

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Help With

Happy to help…

Can you just give a message to • I’ve decided I’m moving to St Helena. Can you help? • Would you like to buy my product/service? It’s great and • Will you exchange stamps/postcards/banknotes/coins/etc. with me? • Can you help me research the history of St Helena? • Can you help me find a pen-pal on St Helena? • Can you help me find work, set up a business or set up trading links with a St Helena business? • Can you help with permanent residence in St Helena? • Can you help me research my family’s history on St Helena? • Can you help me find a property to rent in St Helena?

Page Image

High Knoll Fort

Important, in the past and today

History • Rough Plan • Early 21st Century • Use Today • Other Photos • 7 Wonders of St Helena Voting • Read More

Page Image

Historians of St Helena

Recording our past

Jan Huygen van Linschoten, 1596 • Francis Duncan, 1805 • Thomas Henry Brooke, 1824 • John Charles Melliss, 1875 • Hudson Ralph Janisch, 1885 • Emily Louise Jackson, 1905 • Dr Philip Gosse, 1938 • Geoffrey Charles Kitching, 1947 • Hugh Crallan, 1974 • Percy Teale, 1960 s - 1990 s • Ken Denholm, 1990 s - 2000 s • David Leslie Smallman, 2004 • Trevor W. Hearl, 1970 s - 2007 • Currently Working • Others • Saints • Read More

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Historic Buildings

A standing reminder

Buildings Map • The Market • Flax Mills • Other • How buildings change • Restoration problems • Lost and almost-lost Buildings • The Model Cottage Mystery • The ‘Listing’ system • Read More

Page Image

Historic Buildings In Brief - Country

A sample

Signal House • Boer Cemetery • Quarantine Station, Lemon Valley • Bertrand’s Cottage • Three Tanks • Hay Town House • Prince’s Lodge • Clifftop House • Farm Lodge • Alarm House • Rose Cottage • Read More

Page Image

Historic Buildings In Brief - Jamestown

A sample

The Prison • The Arch • The Post Office • Foresters’ Hall • Musk’s Bakery • Yacht Club HQ • Association Hall • 1, 2 & 3 Main Street • Poor Society Building • The Moon • Wellington House • ‘The Standard’ • Which Graveyard? • Read More

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The Historic Environment Record

A catalogue…

About • Built Heritage Report • See The Saint Helena Historic Environment Record • Read More

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Historic Images (Static)

Thumbnails to expand

The Images

Page Image

Historic Images Slide Show

Automated historic image show

Skelton Portraits • Read More

Page Image

Historic Picture Gallery

Thumbnails to expand

The Pictures • Woodcuts of St Helena? • Read More

Page Image

Holidays and other festivals

Time to celebrate

Calendar • Other significant days that are not official holidays • Read More

Page Image


A home on the range

Grand Country Houses • Ordinary houses • Where do people live? • Buy property here? • Developments • Read More

Page Image

How Small Is St Helena?

Stand by to be surprised

122Km² • By comparison • Read More

Page Image

Human Rights on St Helena

Working for a fairer St Helena

What are Human Rights? • Developing Human Rights on St Helena • Free To Be Me • Contacting the Equality & Human Rights Office • Read More

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Images (Static)

Thumbnails to expand


Page Image

Image Search

Find images on our site


Page Image

Important Information

Legal and technical

Website Use • Copyright • Warnings • Technical Information • Read More

Page Image

Important People

They made their mark

George Gabriel Powell (c. 1710-1779) • Sir William Webber Doveton (1753-1843) • Saul Solomon (1776-1852) • Dr. James Barry (1789-1865) • John Charles Melliss (1835-1910) • William Alexander Thorpe (1842-1918) • Dr. W. J. J. Arnold (1867-1925) • Canon L C Walcott (1880-1951) • Winifred Ida Walcott (?-1941) • Eric ‘Mr. Music’ George MBE (1936-2001) • Johnny Drummond (1956-2003) • Cathy Hopkins MBE (1946-2017) • Some Honourable Mentions • Read More

Page Image


It’s the economy, stupid

1684: Salt • 1690: Vin de St Helena • 1691: Tobacco • 1774: Whaling • 1774: Dolphin Fishing • 1824: Silk Production • 1856: Postage Stamps • 1867: Cinchona • 19th Century: ‘Leaky Ships’ • 1907: Lace • 1908: Fish Processing & Canning • 1914: Flax • 1935: Lily Bulbs • 1984: Coins • 1994: Coffee Production • Others • Why did they fail? • The Future? • Read More

Page Image

Information Index

Start here…

Our activity pages • Our history pages • Our people pages • Our place pages • Our nature pages • Our structures pages • Our pictures pages • All our information pages • The Community pages • The Seven Wonders of St Helena • Our National Symbols • And if all else fails

Page Image

In This Week

This Week, in history

This week in St Helena’s history • This Year in past Centuries • This month in St Helena’s history • Statistics

Page Image


All about St Helena, in the South Atlantic Ocean

On this site

Page Image


The only time St Helena has been captured

Background to the invasion • The invasion • The English are coming back! • Down but not out • Places and people of note • A Constitutional issue • Read More

Page Image

Island Activities

Things to see or do

Tips for Exploring • The Pages • Read More

Page Image

Island History

The history of our island

The Pages • Read More

Page Image

Island Information

Our island

The Pages

Page Image

Island Nature

Our island’s natural environment

The Pages

Page Image

Island People

The people of, and related to, our island

The Pages • Read More

Page Image

Island Places

Places on our island

The Pages

Page Image


All around us

The named ones • Islands of note • More pictures • Read More

Page Image

Our island’s name

What, exactly, is it?

How to pronounce ‘St Helena’ • Name variants in common use • Other publications • Rules of grammar • What do the earliest documents say? • An authoritative document? • Does it matter? • And the answer is • Abbreviations • Maybe we should adopt another name entirely? • Read More

Page Image

Island Structures

Our buildings and other structures

The Pages

Page Image

Jacob’s Ladder

Stairway to heaven?

What is ‘Jacob’s Ladder’? • History • ‘The Ladder’ today • Why ‘Jacob’s Ladder’? • Other places called Jacob’s Ladder • Other uses of the term • Jacob’s Ladder Challenge • 7 Wonders of St Helena Voting • Read More

Page Image


Where it all happens

In brief • Why ‘Jamestown’? • A quick guided tour • Stay here? • Town Plan • Climate • Busy and quiet days • History • The Tunnel • Then and now • Jamestown District • Is Jamestown really a ‘city’? • Jamestown Parking Proposals, November 2016 • Read More

Page Image

Jamestown Current Images (static)

Thumbnails to expand

The Images

Page Image

Jobs on St Helena

You want to work here?

Stop reading if you’re independently wealthy! • Finding a job on St Helena • Starting your own business • Read More

Page Image

Jonathan the tortoise

The world’s oldest land resident?

Who is ‘Jonathan’? • So how old is Jonathan, really? • What type of tortoise is he? • Why ‘Jonathan’? • How fast is Jonathan? • Vet’s Report • An interview with Jonathan? • Other giant tortoises at Plantation House • Tortoises are not toys! • Important Visitor Tip • Read More

Page Image

Lace Making

Over 100 years of history

History • Lace making today • Read More

Page Image

The Leisure Park

Eat, drink and be merry

What’s There? • History

Page Image

Lemon Valley

Everything but the lemons

What’s there • How to get there • History • Read More

Page Image


Quiet and rural

About Levelwood • Stay here? • The Bellstone • The Future • Read More

Page Image

Link To Us

We’d appreciate it

Why link to us? • Linking information • How to link to us - the technical information

Page Image


Isn’t that everything?


Page Image


More than just Napoleon…

Activities • Stay here? • Exiles • Other history • Wirebirds • Longwood in pictures • Longwood Gate • Read More

Page Image

Longwood House

Napoleon’s residence

Napoleon in residence • After Napoleon • Recent History • Touring Longwood House • Bicentenary events (2015-2021) • 7 Wonders of St Helena Voting • Read More

Page Image

Longwood House Images (static)

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The Images

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Lost and almost-lost Buildings

‘In need of some work…’

Porteous House • American Consulate Building • Longwood New House • The Longwood Windmill • Horse Ridge farmhouse • The Heritage Society • Almost lost, but now • Read More

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Lost Ships

Our seabed is littered with wrecks

1991: MV Oman Sea One • 1942: SS City of Cairo • 1941: RFA Darkdale • 1920: SV Spangereid • 1911: SS Papanui • 1613: Witte Leeuw (White Lion) • Various others • The Good Hope Castle Fire, 1973 • Read More

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Making Ends Meet

Help for those most in need

About • Where does the money come from? • Questions - answered!

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Maldivia Gardens

Fruit, flowers and much more…formerly

History • Maldivia Today • Read More

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Maps of St Helena

Finding your way around

Historic maps • Recent maps • Specialist maps • Not exactly a map, but • The Middle of the Middle of Nowhere • Spot the error! • Read More

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Memories of St Helena

‘Well, back in the day…’

1970s: ‘Geodetics’ at High Knoll Fort • 1943: The Guano Trip • 1968: DWS Posting • 1878: Mrs Gill, astronomer’s wife • 1911: Another Papanui Passenger • 1941: Former Governor’s Tale • 1939: HMS Neptune and the Cable & Wireless staff • 1956: An Unexpected Storm • 1962: Jean Johnston’s Diary • 1967: DWS posting • 1944: Poem by servicemen stationed here • 1933: Mrs. Bolwell, serviceman’s wife • 1911: Passenger on the SS Papanui • 1961: Sailor aboard HMS Puma • Read More

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The Millennium Forest

Haven’t you grown…

In the beginning • Decline • Re-birth • 25 Years • Activity Reports • Your contribution? • Read More

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The Missing Fountain Mystery

Where did it go?

The Rockfall Memorial Fountain • Why was the Fountain removed? • What happened to it? • Re-creation? • Read More

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The Mule Yard

No longer a place for donkeys

Where is it? • Why the name? • What’s on? • Want to discuss a booking? • Read More

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Myths Debunked!

Everybody knows that…

Napoleon Myths • João da Nova Myths • In and around Jamestown • Creatures • Geology & Geography • And plenty more • Read More

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With some things you maybe don’t know about him

What we all know • 25 Fascinating Facts • Napoleon on St Helena • Napoleon’s last expedition • The Napoleon codes • Napoleon’s Death • Bicentenary events • Other Stories • Read More

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Napoleonic Bicentenary

A reason to celebrate…

Arrival, 1815/2015 • Death, 1821/2021 • Read More

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Napoleon’s Tomb

But not his final resting place

The burial • Removal and re-burial • Remembrance • Bicentenary events • 7 Wonders of St Helena Voting • Read More

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National Flower

Unique to St Helena

The flower and its re-discovery • Our previous national flower • History of The Ebony • Read More

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Our national song, ‘My St Helena Island’

Unofficially, at least

How it came about • The song itself • For posterity • Read More

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National Symbols

Official and otherwise

How does something become a National Symbol? • The current set • The official crest • Read More

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St Helena Nature Conservation Group

Supporting the environment of St Helena since 1993

Who are we? • How to get involved • Gumwood Guardians - the GGs! • Our achievements • Contacts

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Our Newspapers

All the week’s news and views

Our current newspapers • Regulation • Brief history of newspapers on St Helena • Special Days • Read More

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Who on earth is ‘Gavin Ellick’?

Why nicknames? • Are nicknames only for Saints? • The Napoleonic connection • What name appears in the ‘phone book? • So who on earth is ‘Gavin Ellick’? • Read More

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Notes and Coins of St Helena

Money, Money, Money

Current Circulating Coins • Commemorative Coins • Current Banknotes • History • Coins in popular culture • Other money • Note/Coin Collectors • The golden rule? • Should the SHP be scrapped? • Read More

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Monitoring and measuring

Astronomers • Magnetic Variations, Tides and Weather • Ladder Hill Observatory • Longwood Observatory • Other Observatories • Read More

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On This Day

Today, in history

This day in history • This Year in past Centuries • This month in St Helena’s history • Statistics • Read More

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Origins of island surnames

How islanders got their family names

Commonest names and their origins • The first English settlers • Saints Around the world • Read More

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Other Military Sites

…and related places

Lookout Posts and Signal Stations • And more • Read More

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Page History

What joined the site when

Pages with creation dates • Recent Updates

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Oh, yes it is…!

Origins • More recent Ivylets • People • The South Atlantic Players (SAPS) • Earlier stage productions • Read More

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Leave only footprints; take only photographs

Opportunities For Photographers • What To Bring • Photo examples • Images from various photographers • John Isaac Lilley: our first photographer? • Read More

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Picture Gallery

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The Pictures

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A picture paints a thousand words

The Pages

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Place Names

Some we can explain; some we can’t

The ones we can explain • and the ones we can’t • Contradictory names explained? • Coastal Features • Strange business names • House names • Even our island’s name is uncertain • St Helena Island in Scotland, UK • Read More

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Plantation House

The Governor’s Residence

Description • Tours • Grounds • Giant Tortoises • History • The Forest • ‘Plantation Notes’ • Walks around Plantation House • Read More

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Plantation House Images (static)

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The Images

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Postage Stamp Images (Static)

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The Images

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Postage Stamps

Write me a letter …write it today

Post Office first; stamps second • The first St Helena stamps • King Edward VII • King George V • King George VI • Queen Elizabeth II • Modern Commemoratives • Our first Air-Mail • How stamps are issued • Stamps with errors • Stamp Collectors • Don’t break the law! • Read More

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Postcards of St Helena

Old…and older

Jamestown • Napoleon • Jacob’s Ladder • Sandy Bay • Boer Prisoners • Heart-Shaped Waterfall • General • Postcard Collectors • Read More

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Quincentenary of St Helena

‘Looking Up - Looking Forward’

Discovery of St Helena • Celebrations in St Helena • In the UK • The Seal • Sexcentenary • Read More

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…from other pages

The Quotes

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Radio on St Helena

A surprisingly large number of stations

Broadcast Stations • Amateurs • A brief history of radio on St Helena • World Radio Day • Read More

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Radio St Helena

The voice of the island for 45 years

The DWS tests • The ‘St Helena Government Broadcasting Station’ - aka ‘Radio St Helena’ • Station staff and others • Equipment & Transmission • Outside Broadcasts • Radio St Helena Day • QSL: nine years late! • ‘Teabag’ • Audio Clips • Fluffs, and other problems • Closedown • Memories of local radio on St Helena • Ralph or Tony? • The Archives • Funding • Read More

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Our (Other) Railway

Useful; not quite as famous

History • Read More

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Read articles about St Helena

Articles about St Helena

Introducing Jonathan, the world’s oldest animal on land at 187 years old • Sustainable Tourism and a Remote Island • Saint Helena has held its first ever same-sex wedding • St Helena expats from ‘Swindolena’ to gather for sports day this weekend • Remote St Helena Airport shrugs off ‘World’s Most Useless’ tag • St Helena’s cherished lifeline ship to return as anti-piracy armoury • New British postage labels feature ships that have carried the mail • End of an era as RMS St Helena makes final voyage from Cape Town • St Helena: The island where everyone knows your name • Unusual Coverage! • Read More

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Read articles about St Helena (Older)

Older articles about St Helena

Is world’s oldest tortoise GAY? • Napoleon, tourists, divers and flu: flight opens up remote St Helena • First commercial flight touches down at St Helena • Date set for final voyage of last Aberdeen-built ship • New Air Link and Luxury Hotel Will Transform Tourism on Tiny, Remote St Helena • St Helena inches closer to commercial air service • Saint of Heart • A St Helena Fisherman’s Wish Comes True • Sailing to Saint Helena - one of the world’s most remote communities • Hope for St Helena • The Bones of St Helena • The most extraordinary place on Earth? • Antwerp aviation company organises first commercial flight to Saint Helena • RMS St Helena makes final call to the UK • St Helena on ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ • Where the Saints go diving after work • World’s Largest Fish and One Tiny Island: Studying Whale Sharks on St Helena Island • Healthy Diet Helps 183-Year-Old Tortoise Feel Young Again

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Reading Sports

Home from home

What happens? • Photographs • Read More

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The St Helena Regiment

‘The Old Saints’

Background • Regiment History • Accommodation • Uniform • Not always best behaved • Matthew Carter, soldier, 1842-1847 • Serving Soldiers • Richard Farrell • Other St Helena Military Corps • Read More

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Related Sites

Links to useful related sites

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Renewable Energy

Being a ‘green’ island

Progress towards 100% renewable energy • Our renewable energy sources • Energy saving measures • Connect Saint Helena Ltd. • Read More

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RMS St Helena

Two remarkable ships: 1978-2018

The first RMS St Helena, 1978-1990 • The second RMS St Helena, 1990-2018 • Earlier ships • Not without incident • Why ‘RMS’ • Read More

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Take me home…

Earliest History • Napoleon - good for our roads • After Napoleon • More exiles; more roads • The First Motor Car • Later 20th Century • The Asphalt Machine • Our Newest Road • A Mystery Road or Track • Rules for Road Users • Read More

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Rough Seas

The worst sea in recorded history • Other Rollers • Other Types of Rollers • A wet decade • Read More

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Kings and Queens

King Henry VII • King Henry VIII • King Edward VI • Lady Jane Grey • Queen Mary I • Queen Elizabeth I • King James I • King Charles I • No Monarch • Oliver Cromwell • Richard Cromwell • No Monarch • King Charles II • King James II • No Monarch • King William III & Queen Mary II • King William III • Queen Anne • King George I • King George II • King George III • King George IV • King William IV • Queen Victoria • King Edward VII • King George V • King Edward VIII • King George VI • Queen Elizabeth II

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The Run

A long, thin park

Route • Use today • History • Read More

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So near, and yet so far

Why ‘Ruperts’ • What’s in Ruperts • The New Wharf • Always a place for leisure • Ruperts and the slaves • I’ve got a lovely bunch • Isolation • And our (other) railway • Read More

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Saint FM (2004-2012)

The Heartbeat of St Helena

History • Transmission • Programming • Adverts • Photo Gallery • Funding • Closure • Audio Clips • Read More

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Saint FM Community Radio

News, features and entertainment

About Saint FM Community Radio • Formation and Structure • Programming • Transmission • Funding • Regulation • Read More

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Saint Helena

She gave our island her name

Who was Saint Helena? • And why is our island named after her? • Read More

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Maybe it’s a state of mind?

The Legal Definition • Saint Culture • Saints Overseas • Why ‘Saints’? • Where did Saints come from? • Will I ever be a Saint? • Population Graphic • Read More

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S.A.M.S. Pure Gold

Continuous music

About S.A.M.S. Pure Gold • History • Transmission • Contacts • Funding • Regulation • Read More

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S.A.M.S. Radio 1

News, features and entertainment

About S.A.M.S. Radio 1 • History • Programmes • Transmission • Contacts • Listen Live • Funding • Regulation • Read More

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S.A.M.S. Radio 2

The BBC World Service on FM

About S.A.M.S. Radio 2 • History • Transmission • Contacts • Funding • Regulation • The BBC World Service • Read More

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Sandy Bay

Let’s go to the beach!

About Sandy Bay • Sandy Bay Beach • Stay here? • Sandy Bay in pictures • The Lime Kiln • The ‘Lines’ • Topless/Nude Sunbathing • Read More

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Saved Buildings

Almost lost; now restored

Teutonic Hall • Rock Rose • Wranghams, Sandy Bay • The Hutts Gate Store • Read More

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St Helena’s Day

Celebrating our island’s discovery

Discovery • The Celebrations • Celebrations Overseas • The Photographs • Events on 21st May • Read More

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Fairy Terns… and others

‘Fairy Terns’ • Other sea-birds • Seeing our sea-birds • Read More

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The St Helena Secret

A complete failure!

The plan • The reality

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The Seven Wonders of St Helena

Your itinerary?

The 2018 Seven Wonders • The 2008 Seven Wonders • Read More

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Mentioned on these pages

The Index • Read More

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Shopping: What to buy

A bit of St Helena to take home

Local woodcraft • Hand-made lace • Other items worthy of note • Foreign Currency • Shopping - a different experience • Eclectic shops • You don’t even have to land here • And finally • Read More

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Our Sister Islands

Part of our Territory

One of three • Ascension Island • Tristan da Cunha • One that got away • Read More

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Slaves and slavery

Part of what makes us what we are

Exploiting Slaves • Liberation of African Slaves • The Slave Graves • Effects on St Helena today • Read More

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Slide Show

Automated picture show

Read More

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Speak Saint

Understand what Saints are saying

Understanding spoken Saint • Phrases • Tuning in • Try for yourself • Regional dialects • So how will you communicate? • Beware what you say • ‘Speaking Saint’ - the books • And finally, a cautionary tale • Read More

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Sport in St Helena

Playing the game

Football • Cricket • Golf • Moto-Cross • Mountain Biking • Paintball • Other Sports • International Events • Other sports? • Sport ‘in the before days’ • Read More

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Static image pages

For those that don’t use Javascript

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St. James’ Church

The oldest Anglican church in the Southern Hemisphere

Tower / Spire / Neither / Spire • The Organ • Other views • An American Altar? • All creatures, great and small • Why was St. Paul’s the Cathedral? • Read More

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St Pauls

The Heartland of St Helena

About St Pauls • St Pauls in pictures • Stay here? • Francis Plain • The Friar • The Future

Page Image

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Important, but with humble beginnings

History • The Cathedral Today • The Bell and the ‘experts’ • Memorial Stones • Why was St. Paul’s the Cathedral? • Read More

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Subject Index

These are the pages you are searching for

The Index

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All the world’s a stage

The Jamestown Upper Theatre • The Barracks Theatre • Other Theatres • Modern Theatre • Read More

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Everything starts 20 minutes late

Official Time • Effective Time • Telling the time • Historical Timekeeping • A ‘noonday gun’? • Daylight Saving Time • Read More

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Titbits from the records

To amuse and inform

The long arm of the law • Healthcare • Equality & Human Rights • The Environment • Life on St Helena • Men of the cloth • Read More

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Today’s Images

Look at what we feature

Today’s Contemporary Image • Today’s Historic Image

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Two St Helenas?

Our mythical sister island

Ortelius’ ‘World Map’ from 1570 • Maps of the 17th and 18th Centuries • So where is this second St Helena? • ‘St. Matthew’s Island’ • Even our (real) island’s name is uncertain • Wikipedia doesn’t want to know this

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Unrest and Rebellion

We’re not gonna take it!

Governor Coney, 1672 • Governor Keigwin, 1674 • The ‘Dennison Mutiny’, 1684 • The ‘Jackson Mutiny’, 1693 • The ‘Arrack Rebellion’, 1783 • The ‘Spirits Rebellion’, 1811 • Demanding Democracy, 1950 s • The ‘Riot’, 1996 • SHELCO protest, 2003 • More recent demonstrations • Read More

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Updated This Release

For the record

Updated pages list • Recent Updates

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A Very Brief History

The most important bits

A Very Brief History of St Helena

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Visitor Information

Come and discover our island

How to get here • Can I bring my pet dog/cat/parrot/elephant? • Time Zone • Weather • Take a tour! • Where to stay • Tips and tricks when here • Environment • Money • Official Tourist Brochures • Visiting in the 1870s • A longer stay? • Read More

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Walking St Helena

Well off the beaten track

Walks for all tastes • Some suggestions • Post Box Walks • Walking Tips • Festival of Walking • Walks around Plantation House • Read More

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Have a drink!

An Important Resource • Too Much, Too Little • Engineering Solutions • Geography and Geology • Supplies Today • Connect Saint Helena Ltd. • Read More

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Weather and climate

Be prepared!

Sun • Wind • Rain • Seasons • Expected weather • Current weather • In more technical terms • Unexpected weather • Read More

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Whale Sharks

Fun to swim with!

About • Swimming with Whale Sharks • Read More

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‘Thar she blows!’

A whaler’s paradise • Growth • Decline • Ecological Impact • Read More

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What To Do

The essential things to do

Take a tour • “Do Napoleon” • Visit Jonathan and Plantation House • See a Wirebird • Meet some Saints • Climb Jacob’s Ladder • Watch dolphins on a boat trip to Lemon Valley • Have a walk • Walk up Diana’s Peak • Admire the stars • Try our coffee • Taste Plo and local fishcakes • Visit our Museum • Dive our clear blue waters • Investigate our built heritage • Set off for a drive • Relax in Castle Gardens • Meet a donkey • Take lots of photographs • Do some shopping • Other suggestions • Tips for Exploring • Read More

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Where is St Helena?

How to find St Helena on a map

Where in the world is St Helena • First Map • How to get here • Shipping Lanes • Read More

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Where To Stay

Advice for first-time visitors

Types of accommodation • Location, Location, Location • Can you camp? • Where you can’t stay • Famous Visitors, exiles, etc. • Useful links • Read More

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White Ants

A pest by any other name…

Termites • Other ‘White Ants’ • Read More

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The Wirebird

St Helena Plover Charadrius Sanctaehelenae

About our Wirebird • Wirebird census results • Airport Danger • Read More

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A convenient stopover in the South Atlantic

Why Visit? • Tips • Some Statistics • In Emergency • ‘Ann’s Place’ • Racing & Rallies • The St Helena High • Read More

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Anything that didn’t fit in elsewhere

Mystery Helicopter - Resolved! • Old photographs • An End to Isolation • Anniversaries

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