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This page lists the pages that were updated in the most recent release of Saint Helena Island Info.

Updated This Release

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Updated pages list

246 pages updated in this release:

12 September 2019:

about.htm, air.htm, aishahfaris.htm, alarmforest.htm, astronomy.htm, betsy.htm, bluehill.htm, bluemagicband.htm, boerprisoners.htm, briarspavilion.htm, bridgememorialclock.htm, buildingsthelenaairport.htm, carnival.htm, carnivalimagesstatic.htm, castle.htm, castlegardens.htm, cdo.htm, characters.htm, chronology.htm, churches.htm, communications.htm, community.htm, constitution.htm, contact.htm, cruiseshipdays.htm, csh.htm, darktourism.htm, deliberatelysunk.htm, diving.htm, divingimagesstatic.htm, dolphinwatching.htm, dotheymeanus.htm, driving.htm, easter.htm, eastindia.htm, education.htm, error.htm, faq.htm, firstbattle.htm, fishcakes.htm, fishing.htm, fishprocessing.htm, flag.htm, flyhere.htm, flyyourselfhere.htm, fosh.htm, fountain.htm, friendly.htm, gettinghere.htm, government.htm, governorshat.htm, gravityrush.htm, greatwoodwall.htm, guns.htm, halftreehollow.htm, hamradio.htm, heartshapedwaterfall.htm, her.htm, hiddenpage.htm, highknollfort.htm, houses.htm, howsmall.htm, humanrights.htm, imagesearch.htm, importantpeople.htm, index.htm, infoindex.htm, inthisweek.htm, invasion.htm, islandplace.htm, islands.htm, jobs.htm, legal.htm, leisurepark.htm, lemonvalley.htm, lhimagesstatic.htm, links.htm, linktous.htm, livehere.htm, local.htm, lostbuildings.htm, maldivia.htm, mem.htm, millenniumforest.htm, muleyard.htm, myths.htm, name.htm, napoleon.htm, napoleonicbicentenary.htm, napoleonstomb.htm, nationalflower.htm, nationalsymbols.htm, newspaper.htm, nicknames.htm, observatories.htm, onthisday.htm, otd.htm, othermilitary.htm, otranto.htm, pantomime.htm, phimagesstatic.htm, picturegallery.htm, picturegalleryhistoric.htm, plantationhouse.htm, quincentenary.htm, quotes.htm, radio.htm, radiosthelena.htm, railway.htm, readingsports.htm, readmoreolder.htm, regiment.htm, renewableenergy.htm, run.htm, ruperts.htm, saintfm.htm, saintfm2004to2012.htm, sainthelena.htm, samsgold.htm, samsr1.htm, samsr2.htm, seabirds.htm, secret.htm, sevenwonders.htm, ships.htm, space.htm, sport.htm, stampimagesstatic.htm, static.htm, stjames.htm, stpauls.htm, stpaulscathedral.htm, subjectindex.htm, surnames.htm, swimming.htm, theatre.htm, time.htm, todayimage.htm, twosthelenas.htm, unrest.htm, walking.htm, water.htm, weddings.htm, whalesharks.htm, whaling.htm, whattodo.htm, wheretostay.htm, wirebird.htm, xmasimagesstatic.htm, zzyzx.htm

13 September 2019:

birds.htm, bluebook.htm, classiccars.htm, coffee.htm, dianaspeak.htm, dofe.htm, donkeys.htm, downloads.htm, endemics.htm, famousvisitors.htm, flax.htm, historicbuildingsbriefc.htm, historicbuildingsbriefj.htm, industries.htm, islandnature.htm, lace.htm, levelwood.htm, longwoodhouse.htm, maps.htm, photography.htm, pictures.htm, postcards.htm, savedbuildings.htm, slideshow.htm, slideshowhistoric.htm, verybriefhistory.htm, whattobuy.htm, discovery.htm, royalty.htm, diplomaticwireless.htm, exiles.htm, foi.htm, governor.htm, longwood.htm, sncg.htm, titbits.htm, whiteants.htm

17 September 2019:

cinema.htm, coins.htm, comparativehistory.htm, countrymusic.htm, familyandfriends.htm, ghoststories.htm, helpwith.htm, historicimagesstatic.htm, islandpeople.htm, jamestowncurrentimagesstatic.htm, jonathan.htm, nationalsong.htm, saints.htm

19 September 2019:

pagehistory.htm, pageupdateshistory.htm

21 September 2019:

artists.htm, historians.htm, historicbuildings.htm, imagesstatic.htm, islandactivity.htm, islandhistory.htm, islandinformation.htm, islandstructures.htm, jacobsladder.htm, postagestamps.htm, rms.htm, slaves.htm, technicaldata.htm

22 September 2019:

before.htm, blogs.htm, briefhistory.htm, christmas.htm, credits.htm, deadlinks.htm, earlyyears.htm, escape.htm, forts.htm, geology.htm, glossary.htm, governorscup.htm, holidays.htm, inpastyearsall.htm, jamestown.htm, lostships.htm, memories.htm, placename.htm, readmore.htm, roads.htm, rollers.htm, sandybay.htm, sisterislands.htm, siteindex.htm, speaksaint.htm, sthelenasday.htm, visitors.htm, weather.htm, whereis.htm, yachting.htm, updatedthisrelease.htm

Recent Updates

Below: 25th September 2019 • 27th August 2019 • 24th July 2019 • 26th June 2019 • 11th June 2019 • 12th May 2019

25th September 2019

Curious Bell

Why is a Victorian ship’s bell used at St. Helena & The Cross church, founded in 1951? Read about it at Churches of St Helena.

In the 19th Century it was proposed that St Helena be a coaling station for steamships, even though St Helena has no coal - it would need to be brought here - on ships! See here: Industries.

According to a local tale there used to be Monkeys living in Half Tree Hollow. Early ‘Moncat’s? Read about them here: Myths Debunked!

Iris Blackstockings gets an Honourable Mention on Characters of St Helena.

Need to communicate a location to us? See Glossary.

We’ve increased the size of the images in our two main slideshows - see Slide Show and Slide Show, Historic.

And, for the record, Jonathan is a Tortoise, not a "turtle", but we may know why the mistake is made. See Jonathan the tortoise.

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27th August 2019

Page Image

Given the current drought you might be interested in St Helena’s Wet Decade, reported here: Weather and climate (and other pages).

We’ve improved our Comparative History page, brining it up to 1999; Comparative History (Royalty has also been improved).

Our Do they mean us? page now features some much older mis-representations of St Helena which are fun to see. See Do they mean us?.

We’ve provided information about the Dutch East India Company, which invaded and captured St Helena in 1672. See The East India Company.

If you need a high-contrast display there is now an icon in the Control Icons (top right) that sets or re-sets this. This is explained on page About This Site.

The site now uses What3Words locations for major locations, and we will progressively expand this across the site (it’s a major task so may require some time to complete). See Glossary to learn more.

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24th July 2019

Page Image

If you’ve spotted that St Helena is surrounded by many tiny islands you can read all about them on our new page Islands.

We discovered that ‘Raffles’ (of Singapore fame) was another of our Famous Visitors and also met Napoleon, his views on whom we report on Famous Visitors.

Our list of misbehaving clerics just got longer! See Titbits from the records.

Seek out the Crimes-of-the-week from 1982 here: Radio St Helena.

We now know definitively where the Sex Garage was/is. If you want to visit see Place Names.

Are Saints ‘Nationalistic’? We attempt an answer at Saints.

Bencoolen is a hill just south of the Airport. Why the strange name? See Place Names.

Again we’ve expanded our Glossary (Glossary) and we’ve restructured it to make things easier to find.

There are now interesting Read More articles on pages Whale Sharks and Maldivia Gardens and an additional one on Postage Stamps.

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26th June 2019

Page Image

We’ve radically enhanced our page Holidays and other festivals. It now calculates the dates for almost all future holidays and also includes ‘Block Leave’. Our page Easter Activities also gives the date for next Easter.

Our page Frequently Asked Questions had got up to 36 items, so we hived off all of the Can you help me with… questions to a new page Help With.

We’ve incorporated information on the Jacob’s Ladder Challenge into the page Jacob’s Ladder.

The Glossary now includes pubs/bars/clubs: Glossary.

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11th June 2019

Page Image

How many voices can you identify? We’ve included the audio mix from the Radio St Helena archive tapes, made by Burgh House Media Productions for the Hertige Society AGM in May. See Radio St Helena.

We have a new page asking why St Helena was not discovered before 1502. See Before Discovery.

We always knew our air was clean and fresh, but now we have data to prove it! See our new page Air-Quality.

Nick Thorpe showed us what is clearly a worked flint, found recently, so is this more evidence of Stone Age Inhabitants? See Before Discovery to learn more.

Courtesy of historian Ian Bruce we have passenger lists for some of the emigration ships, which may help family history researchers. See Escape! or our Family And Friends page.

As we suspected, Thornton’s 1703 New Mapp wasn’t new - it was a copy of one by John Seller in 1675. We have Seller’s original at Maps of St Helena.

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12th May 2019

Page Image

Did St Helena have ‘Stone Age’ inhabitants? We examine the claim on our Discovery page Discovery of St Helena.

Talking about our discovery, water was an important reason why the Portuguese laid claim to our island and even tried to keep its existence a secret. Read about the ‘boom-and-bust’ history of our water on our new page Water.

G A D (‘Tony’) Thornton did a lot for St Helena but was quite a controversial character so we’ve written about him on our Characters page Characters of St Helena and we’ve also added his beloved Rose Cottage to Historic Buildings In Brief - Country.

And we’ve updated the Governors page to reflect recent changes - see The Governor of St Helena.

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Older items can be found on the Page Updates History page.



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{1} Who apparently also said If you allow them[women] to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters..

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