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24th June 2020

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As with the previous updates, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic is affecting St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

We’ve finally got round to setting up St. Matthew’s Church with a page of its own: St. Matthew’s Church.

Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is now split into two. FAQ about St Helena appear on page Frequently Asked Questions about St Helena, and FAQ specifically about Saint Helena Island Info appear on page Frequently Asked Questions about this site.

Can you help us identify the mystery building on our page Lost and almost-lost Buildings?

We almost have democracy on St Helena but compared to our overall timeline this is only a tiny proportion. See the chart at the end of the History section of page Government.

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26th May 2020

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As with the last update, if you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic is affecting St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our page A Brief History.

Peter Neaum, who was a priest here in the 1980s, let us use his many photos across the site, but paticularly here: Photography.

We have a pilot’s eye view of landing at St Helena Airport (runway 20) here: Fly here.

There’s now an alphabetic index of our Governors at the top of the page The Governor of St Helena.

We have more on the Diana’s Peak name mystery, but still no solution. See Diana’s Peak. Can you help?

The little moon-phase image in the Current Astronomical Data on page Astronomy now changes daily - not a big change but, we felt, worth making! And on the same page we now have some useful information on the Southern Cross, a constellation you can only see from here in the Southern Hemisphere.

We have an intermediate resolution copy of the new official island map at Maps of St Helena.

And, as noted in the last release, all support for users who do not enable Javascript has been removed. See here: About This Site.

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27th April 2020

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If you’re interested in how the global Covid-19 pandemic is affecting St Helena we’ve summarised the main aspects to date on our Brief History page here: A Brief History.

There’s a new feature on our Introduction page which helps first-time visitors know where to begin. See What do you want to know about? on Introduction.

There are some pictures from the 1960s showing the Diplomatic Wireless Station being constructed, on page Diplomatic Wireless Station.

George Reynolds shared with us a wonderful picture of Matty John at the White Horse in the 1970s. See it at Characters of St Helena.

Finally, please note that some time ago we posted a notice for users that do not enable Javascript, warning that we would disable non-Javascript features unless we heard reasons not to. We have heard nothing so our next release will remove all processing for users that do not enable Javascript. For such users the site will still work but some content will no longer be available. Modern browsers enable Javascript by default, and on some it is actually quite difficult to disable, so we are confident this will not affect many, if any, users.

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8th April 2020

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This was a technical update. There was little by way of content change, just a few revisions to reflect recent changes.

There is only one item worthy of note - the article about the longevity of Whale Sharks - see page Whale Sharks.

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25th March 2020

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We knew the ‘Liberated African’ freed slaves were employed on the island as labourers but we hadn’t realised that they were, initially at least, unpaid. We think this is not much different from the slavery they were liberated from. We discuss this here: Slaves and slavery.

There is something deeply magnetic about this tiny piece of South Atlantic rock. Read more here: Read articles about St Helena (and other pages).

We’ve improved the astronomical data for star-gazers on our page Astronomy.

We have more complete data on Wirebird numbers on our page The Wirebird.

Once again we’ve updated our page Fish Processing with the latest news.

We have the latest information about Governor’s Cup 2020 on our page The Governor’s Cup.

There’s a new island map from 1815 looking only at the sea features. See Maps of St Helena.

Finally, the Covid-19 global pandemic is fast-developing and we do not attempt to provide up-to-the-minute news. See A Brief History for useful sources about the situation on St Helena.

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26th February 2020

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We now have astronomical data on many pages. Sunrise, Sunset, current moon phase, etc. There is additional data of use to star-gazers on our page Astronomy.

There’s a great new article about realising a dream of swimming with whale sharks on our page Whale Sharks.

The 2020 Wirebird Census has been published and we have the numbers on our page The Wirebird.

We have a new building on our page Lost and almost-lost Buildings - can you help us with its history?

Did Charles Darwin really, as has been reported, uncover the Windshear problem with our Airport as far back as 1836? See Famous Visitors for our thoughts.

New sounds on our page Sounds of St Helena include ‘Playtime at Pilling Primary School’, ‘The Run flowing’, ‘The Run being flushed’ and ‘The Dawn Chorus at the Duke of Edinburgh Playground’. If there’s a sound you’d like included please contact us.

We’ve tried to stay up-to-date on Fish Processing on our page Fish Processing.

You wait ages for a decent article about St Helena and then two turn up at once! See Read articles about St Helena.

And lastly the new page In This Month documents events past, present and future for whatever is the current month.

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{1} Who apparently also said If you allow them[women] to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters..

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