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Updated This Release

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This page lists the pages that were updated in the most recent release of http://sainthelenaisland.info/.


Updated This Release

Below: Updated pages list • Recent Updates

15th April 2019

Saint Helena Island Info was last updated on 16 April 2019.

Updated pages list

236 pages updated in this release:

16 April 2019:

about.htm, aishahfaris.htm, alarmforest.htm, artists.htm, astronomy.htm, betsy.htm, birds.htm, blogs.htm, bluebook.htm, bluehill.htm, bluemagicband.htm, boerprisoners.htm, briarspavilion.htm, bridgememorialclock.htm, briefhistory.htm, buildingsthelenaairport.htm, carnival.htm, carnivalimagesstatic.htm, castle.htm, castlegardens.htm, cdo.htm, characters.htm, christmas.htm, chronology.htm, churches.htm, cinema.htm, classiccars.htm, coffee.htm, coins.htm, communications.htm, community.htm, comparativehistory.htm, constitution.htm, contact.htm, countrymusic.htm, credits.htm, cruiseshipdays.htm, csh.htm, darktourism.htm, deliberatelysunk.htm, dianaspeak.htm, diplomaticwireless.htm, discovery.htm, diving.htm, dofe.htm, dolphinwatching.htm, donkeys.htm, dotheymeanus.htm, downloads.htm, driving.htm, earlyyears.htm, easter.htm, eastindia.htm, education.htm, endemics.htm, error.htm, escape.htm, exiles.htm, familyandfriends.htm, famousvisitors.htm, faq.htm, firstbattle.htm, fishcakes.htm, fishing.htm, fishprocessing.htm, flag.htm, flax.htm, flyhere.htm, flyyourselfhere.htm, foi.htm, forts.htm, fosh.htm, fountain.htm, friendly.htm, geology.htm, gettinghere.htm, ghoststories.htm, glossary.htm, government.htm, governor.htm, governorscup.htm, governorshat.htm, gravityrush.htm, greatwoodwall.htm, guns.htm, halftreehollow.htm, hamradio.htm, heartshapedwaterfall.htm, her.htm, hiddenpage.htm, highknollfort.htm, historians.htm, historicbuildings.htm, historicbuildingsbriefc.htm, historicbuildingsbriefj.htm, historicimagesstatic.htm, holidays.htm, houses.htm, howsmall.htm, humanrights.htm, imagesearch.htm, imagesstatic.htm, importantpeople.htm, index.htm, industries.htm, infoindex.htm, inpastyearsall.htm, inthisweek.htm, invasion.htm, islandactivity.htm, islandhistory.htm, islandinformation.htm, islandnature.htm, islandpeople.htm, islandplace.htm, islandstructures.htm, jacobsladder.htm, jamestown.htm, jamestowncurrentimagesstatic.htm, jobs.htm, jonathan.htm, lace.htm, legal.htm, leisurepark.htm, lemonvalley.htm, levelwood.htm, links.htm, linktous.htm, livehere.htm, local.htm, longwood.htm, longwoodhouse.htm, lostbuildings.htm, lostships.htm, maldivia.htm, maps.htm, mem.htm, memories.htm, millenniumforest.htm, muleyard.htm, myths.htm, name.htm, napoleon.htm, napoleonicbicentenary.htm, napoleonstomb.htm, nationalflower.htm, nationalsong.htm, nationalsymbols.htm, newspaper.htm, nicknames.htm, observatories.htm, onthisday.htm, otd.htm, othermilitary.htm, otranto.htm, pagehistory.htm, pantomime.htm, phimagesstatic.htm, photography.htm, picturegallery.htm, picturegalleryhistoric.htm, pictures.htm, placename.htm, plantationhouse.htm, postagestamps.htm, postcards.htm, quincentenary.htm, quotes.htm, radio.htm, radiosthelena.htm, railway.htm, readingsports.htm, readmore.htm, readmoreolder.htm, regiment.htm, renewableenergy.htm, rms.htm, roads.htm, rollers.htm, run.htm, ruperts.htm, saintfm.htm, saintfm2004to2012.htm, sainthelena.htm, saints.htm, samsgold.htm, samsr1.htm, samsr2.htm, sandybay.htm, savedbuildings.htm, seabirds.htm, secret.htm, sevenwonders.htm, ships.htm, sisterislands.htm, siteindex.htm, slaves.htm, slideshow.htm, slideshowhistoric.htm, sncg.htm, space.htm, speaksaint.htm, sport.htm, stampimagesstatic.htm, static.htm, sthelenasday.htm, stjames.htm, stpauls.htm, stpaulscathedral.htm, subjectindex.htm, surnames.htm, swimming.htm, technicaldata.htm, theatre.htm, time.htm, titbits.htm, todayimage.htm, twosthelenas.htm, unrest.htm, updatedthisrelease.htm, verybriefhistory.htm, visitors.htm, walking.htm, weather.htm, weddings.htm, whalesharks.htm, whaling.htm, whattobuy.htm, whattodo.htm, whereis.htm, wheretostay.htm, whiteants.htm, wirebird.htm, xmasimagesstatic.htm, yachting.htm, zzyzx.htm

Recent Updates

Below: 16th April 2019 • 28th March 2019 • 7th March 2019

16th April 2019

We’ve added a page about the period from St Helena’s discovery up to the English colonisation. It’s at The Early Years. It expands what is on our A Brief History page.

The Portuguese tried to keep their discovery of St Helena a secret, but failed miserably! To find out why see our new page The St Helena Secret.

The UK Daily Mail has again qualified for our ‘Do They Mean Us?’ page. See Do they mean us? Penguins? Really?

Remember Eric M. George (‘Mr Music’)? You can hear him in an extract from a series on music he made for Radio St Helena just before his death. See Important People and there are more new audio files, especially on The Governor of St Helena and Glossary.

We’ve added data on the other military corps that existed here at various times onto the The St Helena Regiment page and moved the long list of serving soldiers to a download to make the page neater.

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28th March 2019

Ships have always been very important to St Helena. Our new page Ships indexes all the ships and other vessels mentioned on the site, with links to the referring pages.

We now have a Direct Search facility from our home page. It’s easier to use than explain! Type into your browser’s address bar http://sainthelenaisland.info/?jonathan and see where it takes you. Accepts single words, multiple words (http://sainthelenaisland.info/?castle gardens) and partial words (http://sainthelenaisland.info/?memor). Enjoy!

We’ve brought the Fly here page up-to-date with all the alterations recently made to schedules, etc.

We’d missed the history of the MFV Extractor. It’s now at Fish Processing.

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7th March 2019

The Castle of Otranto page has been expanded based on new information provided by historian Ian Bruce. There’s even a new theory! See it at The Castle of Otranto.

Jonathan’s age has been accepted by Guinness World Records. See their article here Jonathan the tortoise and here Read articles about St Helena.

Read about Sustainable Tourism and a Remote Island: Read articles about St Helena and also Visitor Information.

Our work digitising the old Radio St Helena archives continues and as a result there are some new audio files to hear and/or download. See: Lost Ships, Building St Helena Airport and Government.

We made a small alteration to the menu icon (which triggers the pop-up menu). It’s now in the top RIGHT of the screen, above the other Control Icons (Top-of-page; Navigation; and Help). We also added a ’Give Feedback’ button to these Control Icons - use this to send us an email about the contents of the page. About This Site explains.

And most pages now have a Historical Events section, listing events from our Records database that reference the page. See Blue Hill for an example.

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{1} Who apparently also said If you allow them[women] to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters..

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