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Updated This Release

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The best way to keep good acts in memory is to refresh them with new.
Cato the Elder{1}

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Updated This Release Saint Helena Island Info

Saint Helena Island Info was last updated on 25 January 2019.

Updated pages list

228 pages updated in this release:

24 January 2019:

aishahfaris.htm, alarmforest.htm, artists.htm, astronomy.htm, betsy.htm, birds.htm, blogs.htm, bluebook.htm, bluehill.htm, bluemagicband.htm, boerprisoners.htm, briarspavilion.htm, bridgememorialclock.htm, briefhistory.htm, buildingsthelenaairport.htm, carnival.htm, carnivalimagesstatic.htm, castle.htm, castlegardens.htm, cdo.htm, characters.htm, christmas.htm, chronology.htm, churches.htm, cinema.htm, classiccars.htm, coins.htm, communications.htm, community.htm, comparativehistory.htm, constitution.htm, contact.htm, countrymusic.htm, credits.htm, cruiseshipdays.htm, csh.htm, darktourism.htm, deliberatelysunk.htm, dianaspeak.htm, diplomaticwireless.htm, discovery.htm, diving.htm, dofe.htm, dolphinwatching.htm, donkeys.htm, dotheymeanus.htm, downloads.htm, driving.htm, easter.htm, eastindia.htm, education.htm, endemics.htm, escape.htm, exiles.htm, familyandfriends.htm, famousvisitors.htm, faq.htm, firstbattle.htm, fishcakes.htm, fishing.htm, fishprocessing.htm, flag.htm, flax.htm, flyhere.htm, flyyourselfhere.htm, foi.htm, forts.htm, fosh.htm, fountain.htm, friendly.htm, geology.htm, gettinghere.htm, ghoststories.htm, glossary.htm, government.htm, governor.htm, governorscup.htm, governorshat.htm, gravityrush.htm, greatwoodwall.htm, guns.htm, halftreehollow.htm, hamradio.htm, heartshapedwaterfall.htm, her.htm, hiddenpage.htm, highknollfort.htm, historians.htm, historicbuildings.htm, historicbuildingsbriefc.htm, historicbuildingsbriefj.htm, historicimagesstatic.htm, holidays.htm, houses.htm, howsmall.htm, humanrights.htm, imagesearch.htm, imagesstatic.htm, importantpeople.htm, industries.htm, infoindex.htm, inthisweek.htm, invasion.htm, islandactivity.htm, islanddetail.htm, islandhistory.htm, islandnature.htm, islandpeople.htm, islandplace.htm, islandstructures.htm, jacobsladder.htm, jamestown.htm, jobs.htm, jonathan.htm, lace.htm, leisurepark.htm, lemonvalley.htm, levelwood.htm, links.htm, linktous.htm, livehere.htm, local.htm, longwood.htm, longwoodhouse.htm, lostbuildings.htm, lostships.htm, maldivia.htm, maps.htm, mem.htm, memories.htm, millenniumforest.htm, muleyard.htm, myths.htm, name.htm, napoleon.htm, napoleonicbicentenary.htm, napoleonstomb.htm, nationalflower.htm, nationalsong.htm, nationalsymbols.htm, newspaper.htm, nicknames.htm, observatories.htm, onthisday.htm, otd.htm, othermilitary.htm, pantomime.htm, phimagesstatic.htm, photography.htm, picturegallery.htm, picturegalleryhistoric.htm, pictures.htm, placename.htm, plantationhouse.htm, postagestamps.htm, postcards.htm, quincentenary.htm, quotes.htm, radio.htm, radiosthelena.htm, railway.htm, readingsports.htm, readmore.htm, readmoreolder.htm, regiment.htm, renewableenergy.htm, rms.htm, roads.htm, rollers.htm, run.htm, ruperts.htm, saintfm.htm, saintfm2004to2012.htm, sainthelena.htm, saints.htm, samsgold.htm, samsr1.htm, samsr2.htm, sandybay.htm, savedbuildings.htm, seabirds.htm, sevenwonders.htm, sisterislands.htm, siteindex.htm, slaves.htm, slideshow.htm, slideshowhistoric.htm, sncg.htm, space.htm, speaksaint.htm, sport.htm, stampimagesstatic.htm, sthelenasday.htm, stjames.htm, stpauls.htm, stpaulscathedral.htm, subjectindex.htm, surnames.htm, swimming.htm, technicaldata.htm, theatre.htm, time.htm, titbits.htm, todayimage.htm, twosthelenas.htm, unrest.htm, verybriefhistory.htm, visitors.htm, walking.htm, weather.htm, weddings.htm, whaling.htm, whattobuy.htm, whattodo.htm, whereis.htm, wheretostay.htm, whiteants.htm, wirebird.htm, xmasimagesstatic.htm, yachting.htm, zzyzx.htm

25 January 2019:

about.htm, coffee.htm, error.htm, index.htm, legal.htm, pagehistory.htm, updatedthisrelease.htm

24th January 2019


Eye halve a spilling chucker, it came with my pea sea.

It plainly marks for my revue miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a ward and weight four it two say

weather eye am wrong oar write - it shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid it nose bee four two long

and eye can pot the error rite - its rare lea ever wrong.

Eye ran this poem threw it, I'm shore your pleased to no.

Its letter perfect awl the weigh - my spill chucker tolled me sew!

{1} Who apparently also said If you allow them[women] to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters..

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