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History is more or less bunk.
Henry Ford

This page provides a selectable subset of the island’s chronology, dating back to the discovery of St Helena

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Linschoten ’s ‘History’, 1596 [Saint Helena Island Info:Chronology]
Linschoten’s ‘History’, 1596

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Records [Saint Helena Island Info:Chronology]

Other Records{1}-based pages:

• A Brief History

• On This Day

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• Titbits from the records

• Island History

Much of the earlier material below is extracted from the Records{1} or the various island histories. Later material comes from the island’ newspapers and other sources. You can search our events database in various ways on our Chronology page. To search the original Records{1} for yourself, see our Family And Friends page for contact details.

Please note: although our database contains items, ranging from to , this is not a complete history, even of all the most important events; there are some we still have not yet managed to date.

For the pre-discovery history of St Helena, see our pages Geology of St Helena and Endemic Species.

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Some Statistics

According to analysis we did in October 2017:

  • Most of our historical events occurred on a Sunday (15.74%) and fewest on a Thursday (12.08%)

  • The most popular months for things to happen are January and May (tied at 10.32%), and the least popular is September (6.22%). We think this may be related to the weather.

  • Slightly more things tend to happen in the first half of the month (55.34%) than the second.

  • Unsurprisingly, the 1st of the month is the most common day for something to happen, followed by the last day of the month.

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{1} The St Helena Records is a collection of documents dating back to the earliest days of St Helena, held in the Government of St Helena Archives. The Archives can be accessed in person or via email - see our Family And Friends page for more. From the records and other sources we have compiled an events database, which drives our events-based pages e.g. On This Day page. You can search our events database in various ways on our Chronology page.

1) If multiple words are specified they must be found in the order specified for an item to be reported, so ‘EAST INDIA’ will find ‘East India Company’ but ‘INDIA EAST’ will not;
2) Case is ignored so ‘helena’, ‘Helena’, ‘HELENA’ and ‘heLenA’ will all generate the same matches;
3) First and last words partial-match, so ‘LLY IN EVEN’ will match on ‘normaLLY IN EVENings’; but not on ‘normaLLY IN the EVENings’.


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