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Island Activities

Things to see or do

It is better to wear out than to rust out.

This is a subset of our Island Detail pages which covers things to see and do during a visit to St Helena.


If there is a St Helena activity that we have not covered please contact us and we’ll try to add it in.

For the avoidance of doubt, you participate in any activities described herein entirely at your own risk.

Swimming off the Wharf steps Saint Helena Island Info Island Activities
Swimming off the Wharf steps

Tips for Exploring

You will find our Tourist Office helpful in providing information and arranging tours, though you may find the tour guide’s knowledge of some of the more obscure parts of our history somewhat limited. Whether going on a tour or setting out on your own we recommend that you download to your mobile/pad the relevant pages from Saint Helena Island Info and then you can have detailed information at your fingertips wherever you go! But note that we said ‘download’ the pages. St Helena’s mobile network is not reliable in all parts of the island so if you look for us online at the actual site you might only get ‘NO SIGNAL’.

Information Index
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Island Activities
Things to see or do

Community Pages
It’s what’s happening…

Subject Index
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Image Search
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Dark skies, warm nights

Masters of the air

Fun in the sun

Castle Gardens
Sit and watch the world go by

A great time to be here

Churches of St Helena
And other religious buildings

Classic Cars
Travel back in time

St Helena Coffee
‘The only good thing about St Helena is the coffee’ - Napoleon Bonaparte

Getting the message

Country Music
Keepin’ it country…

Cruise Ship Days
An unusual hive of activity

Dark Tourism
Visiting the darker parts of our history.

Diana’s Peak
Our highest point

For old wrecks - and anyone else

Dolphin watching
And other marine activities

Formerly the backbone of St Helena transport

Driving in St Helena
Keep left…almost always

Easter Activities
Fishing and camping

Endemic Species
They only live here

Fishcakes, and other food
A taste of St Helena

Hook, line and sinker

Fly here
The fastest way to get here

Fly Yourself Here
Open for visitors

The Governor’s Cup
The yacht-race from Cape Town to St Helena

‘Gravity Rush’
It’s all downhill from here

Old and older

Amateur (‘Ham’) Radio

The Heart Shaped Waterfall
For lovers everywhere

The Historic Environment Record
A catalogue…

High Knoll Fort
Important, in the past and today

Historic Buildings
A standing reminder

Historic Buildings In Brief - Jamestown
A sample

Historic Buildings In Brief - Country
A sample

Holidays and other festivals
Time to celebrate

Jacob’s Ladder
Stairway to heaven?

Where it all happens

Jonathan the tortoise
The world’s oldest land resident?

The Leisure Park
Eat, drink and be merry

Lemon Valley
Everything but the lemons

Longwood House
Napoleon’s residence

The Millennium Forest
Haven’t you grown…

The Mule Yard
No longer a place for donkeys

Napoleonic Bicentenary
A reason to celebrate…

Napoleon’s Tomb
But not his final resting place

National Flower
Unique to St Helena

Our national song, ‘My St Helena Island’
Unofficially, at least

Our Newspapers
All the week’s news and views

Oh, yes it is…!

Leave only footprints; take only photographs

Plantation House
The Governor’s Residence

Radio on St Helena
A surprisingly large number of stations

Reading Sports
Home from home

So near, and yet so far

S.A.M.S. Radio 1
News, features and entertainment

S.A.M.S. Radio 2
The BBC World Service on FM

S.A.M.S. Pure Gold
Continuous music

Saint FM Community Radio
News, features and entertainment

Sandy Bay
Let’s go to the beach!

Fairy Terns… and others

The Seven Wonders of St Helena
Your itinerary?

Speak Saint
Understand what Saints are saying

Sport in St Helena
Playing the game

St Helena’s Day
Celebrating our island’s discovery

St. James’ Church
The oldest Anglican church in the Southern Hemisphere

St. Paul’s Cathedral
Important, but with humble beginnings

Go Swimming!
People have been doing it since the Stone Age

Visitor Information
Come and discover our island

Walking St Helena
Well off the beaten track

Shopping: What to buy
A bit of St Helena to take home

What To Do
The essentials!

Where To Stay
Some advice for first-time visitors

The Wirebird
Bird on a wire?

A convenient stopover in the South Atlantic

Anything that didn’t fit in elsewhere

If what you’re looking for isn’t in this index, please consult our Information Index page (the master index) or use the Page Search facility (below).

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