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The woods are hush’d, their music is no more;The leaf is dead, the yearning past away.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Longwood is most famous for housing St Helena’s best-known exile, but it also has strong connections to the island’s future.

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Longwood [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]

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Longwood is in the north-east of St Helena. It is the second largest district by area (after Blue Hill) and is home to around 18% of the island’s population{1}. Principal settlements in Longwood district are:

  • Longwood Village;

  • Deadwood; and

  • Bottom Woods.

There are four geological structures of note: Flagstaff; adjacent to it, The Barn; Fisher’s Valley; and Prosperous Bay Plain, site of the St Helena Airport.


Longwood Bus Shelter [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Longwood Bus Shelter

Longwood Golf Club is just outside Longwood Village, on the road to Bottom Woods (just opposite Piccolo Hill). There is only room for a nine-hole course so you have to go around twice. There is a warm welcome for visiting golfers.

Pub Paradise is a popular entertainment venue in Longwood Village. There is a Meteorological Station situated just beyond Longwood Village. The vast majority of the island’s Renewable Energy is generated by the wind turbins, situated on Deadwood Plain.

Less formally, many people gather around the Longwood Bus Shelter, on Longwood Green. All that is needed is a portable music system and a few beers and you have a party!


St Helena’s most famous exile, Napoleon Bonaparte spent most of his time here at Longwood House, arriving on 10th December 1815 and dying there on 5th May 1821. His Tomb is also in Longwood district.

Longwood Avenue, 19th Century [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
19th Century photo of Longwood Avenue, showing Longwood House, Napoleon’s residence

The Boer Prisoners that stayed here from 1900-1902 were housed in two camps: one at Broad Bottom in Blue Hill district and the other on Deadwood Plain.

Other history

The placenames of the northern part of the district (Longwood, Deadwood and Bottom Woods) all relate to the ‘Great Wood’ which originally covered this area (‘A History of the Island of St Helena’, by T. H. Brooke, Esq., published in 1808. records the area’s name as ‘Long Wood’). The Great Wood was destroyed by the early settlers and is now, in part, being re-created as the Millenium Forest.

The Diplomatic Wireless Station that operated from the late 1960s to the 1970s was based around Deadwood Plain.


There is a major Wirebird site in the district, at Deadwood Plain.

Longwood in pictures

Flagstaff & The Barn [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Flagstaff & The Barn

Turks Cap, from The Barn [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Turks Cap, from The Barn

Flagstaff, from Deadwood Plain [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Flagstaff, from Deadwood Plain

St Helena Airport [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
St Helena Airport{a}

Longwood House [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Longwood House

Napoleon’s Tomb [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Napoleon’s Tomb

The Millennium Forest (2013) [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
The Millennium Forest (2013)

Signal Station, Prosperous Bay [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Signal Station, Prosperous Bay

Wind Turbines on Deadwood Plain [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Wind Turbines on Deadwood Plain

Wirebirds live on Deadwood Plain [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Wirebirds live on Deadwood Plain

The Golf Course [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
The Golf Course

Flagstaff, from Napoleon’s Tomb [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Flagstaff, from Napoleon’s Tomb

Longwood Green [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Longwood Green

Meteorological Station, Bottom Woods [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Meteorological Station, Bottom Woods

St. Matthew’s Church, Hutt’s Gate [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
St. Matthew’s Church, Hutt’s Gate

Towards King & Queen Rocks [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Towards King & Queen Rocks

Boer Camp on Deadwood Plain, 1902 [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Boer Camp on Deadwood Plain, 1902

DWS buildings, Deadwood Plain, 1970s [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
DWS buildings, Deadwood Plain, 1970s

Sunset behind Flagstaff [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Sunset behind Flagstaff{b}

19th Century(?) illustration [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
19th Century(?) illustration

Longwood, Flagstaff and The Barn [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]
Longwood, Flagstaff and The Barn{c}

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Laugh at funny longwood humour - LOL [Saint Helena Island Info:Longwood]


{a} Google Maps™

{b} St Helena National Trust

{c} Ed Thorpe


{1} 2016 Census: 790 from a total population of 4,534.


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