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Videos about St Helena

… as used on this site

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This is a collage of all the videos about St Helena used on this site

Videos about St Helena

The following are all the videos used on this site, each showing the page or pages on which each appears.

On This Site

Flax Industry, 1980s

From the 1962 Film

George Benjamin, Rediscovery of The Ebony, 1991 Film

‘Happy Birthday, Jonathan’

Jacob’s Ladder sliding, 1962

Massingham accidental fall, 1984

1957 visit: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Launch of the RMS St Helena (1990-2018) by HRH Prince Andrew, 1989

Gov. Rushbrook with Cllr Geoffrey Ellick

‘Newsbite’, 18 November 2016 (headlines)

‘Scuba Diving, St Helena’

First fixed-wing plane lands at St Helena, Sept. 2015

Tourist Information Office Video, 2011

Tourist Information Office Video, 2022


{a} Dave Barry