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What is this site for?

Put simply, Saint Helena Island Info aims to be a resource which documents St Helena, the island in the South Atlantic. We aim for it to cover everything you could possibly need to know about St Helena: past, present and future. That’s quite a challenge, and although there are already information pages on the site we feel we still have more to do.

This website is a highly valuable resource.{b}

Please Note It is our intention to address our subject in a light-hearted manner, while maintaining factual accuracy and honesty. We aim to be a source you can trust for information about St Helena.

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If St Helena is new to you, perhaps because you stumbled on this site while looking for something else, start with our page Where is St Helena?, so that at least you know where we are, and then perhaps go to our page Information Index to begin exploring.

If you’re new to Saint Helena Island Info, the best place to start is our page Information Index, which will show you how to navigate to the detail you seek. Or you could try the features for today.

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Note that Great Britain was created in 1707 by the Act of Union, which merged England and Scotland into a single kingdom, the Kingdom of Great Britain. St Helena was an English posession until 1707 and a British posession thereafter. The terms ‘England’/‘English’ and ‘Britain’/‘British’ are used accordingly.

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Island History

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Updates, Site History & Status

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Update policy

Saint Helena Island Info is proud to be Made in St Helena!

We update this site whenever sufficient changes (new content; improved images and layout; even corrected errors!) have accumulated. Saint Helena Island Info was last updated on @@JAVASITELASTUPDATED@@. We do our best to keep the information on this site up-to-date, but with individual pages to review it is probable that the occasional superseded item will slip through. If you spot anything that needs updating please contact us.

It can take as long as two hours to upload the updates because of St Helena’s relatively slow Internet connection and, although we try to upload in a continuity-friendly manner, during this time you may experience issues accessing the site, for which we apologise. When completed we announce these updates on social media. After we update the site you may need to force your browser to refresh the page{11}!

You can see which pages were updated in the most recent release and also see when pages were first added.

A Brief History of Saint Helena Island Info…

June 2010
Site years ago, June 2010 (Click to explore)

This site was first registered on 1st July 2009. Initially the site had 19 pages, 11 of which were information pages, and 77 images. You can actually explore the June 2010 version of the site - click on the screen-shot (right).

The current colours, layout and logo came in 2012, and by October 2012 the site was up to 35 pages (24 information pages) and 210 images. By the end of 2014 there were 87 pages (77 information pages); 28 downloads and 1,306 images. 100 pages was reached in July 2015, 200 pages in November 2017 and the site has continued to grow steadily ever since.

In December 2018 changes were made to improve access from mobile Devices. The recommended minimum viewing width was reduced to 720 pixels{12} and the fixed menu on the left was replaced by a requestable menu triggered from a floating icon (, top, right). Around ¼ of our users connect with mobile Devices.

At the beginning of 2020 we posted a notice for users that choose not to enable Javascript, warning that we would disable additional non-Javascript features unless we heard reasons not to. We heard nothing so the May 2020 release removed all additional processing for users that do not enable Javascript. For such users the site should still function but some content is no longer available. Modern browsers enable Javascript by default, and on some it is actually quite difficult to disable, so we were confident this would not affect many, if any, users. We have received no complaints.

User Configuration (Saint Helena Island Info à la Carte) came in July 2020 - use the Configure icon () in the Control Icons (top, right).

250 information pages was reached with the upload on 22nd January 2023.

In November 2023 we posted a survey on SurveyMonkey, asking if Saint Helena Island Info should retain its current white-on-green colour or change to the more-common black-on-white colour. Many people commented that the white-on-green was distinctive and some noted that the green reminded them of St Helena. No arguments were advanced for changing to black-on-white, though people did vote for the change. We were pleased at how many people voted. The result of the vote is that over two thirds of respondents want to stay with white-on-green, with under a third wishing for the change to black-on-white. So green-on-white it will remain!

Current status

It is accessed from all over the world - recently the top countries were (in alphabetic order): Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, The Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, The Republic of Korea, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, The Russian Federation, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The United Kingdom & The United States{13}. The top search topics were: Napoleon; jobs; the airport/flights; the cost of living and moving here; a good place to live and our climate. Page Usage by hour of the day is fairly consistent around the clock:

Regulation & Complaints

Plesse Note Saint Helena Island Info is hosted in the UK so is not, technically, ‘delivered…from St Helena’; it is, however, edited here and it is our policy to fully comply with St Helena’s media regulations.

Complaints Procedure

If you wish to make a complaint about anything published on Saint Helena Island Info the procedure is very simple:

  1. First contact us and explain the details of your complaint. We undertake to respond within seven days. We may need to ask for more information to correctly process your complaint. We undertake to give you a formal response to your complaint within 28 days of the last exchange between you and us about your complaint.

  2. If you consider that our response does not adequately address your complaint you can refer the matter to the St Helena Media Commission (as described above).

None of the above affects your legal rights.

Beware of impostors!

Impostor flag

‘What the Saints did next…’

(What’s happening inside St Helena)

The history of St Helena and its people is continuing. This website can’t provide up-to-the-minute news about what’s happening inside St Helena, and there is no need for us to do so because sources of St Helena news are readily available on the Internet:

By the time the future is easy to predict it’s history!{d}

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Who is ‘we’?

Editor, John Turner
Editor, John Turner

Saint Helena Island Info is operated and edited by John Turner, who lives in Napoleon Street, moved to St Helena with his family in 2005, obtained Saint Status in 2012 and hopes to stay here for the rest of his life{15}. We can therefore confirm that Saint Helena Island Info is proud to be Made in St Helena! Saint Helena Island Info is proud to be Made in St Helena @@E@@.

Many have contributed content to the site and we thank them all. Please Note This site is not operated by the Government of St Helena, the Tourist Information Office or the Museum of St Helena.

This site is run from the editor of this website’s family home in Jamestown, which is really not suitable for welcoming unexpected callers. So if you want to meet in person please contact us in advance to make an arrangement.

Features for today

Read More

Article: The original ‘Homepage of St Helena’

John Ekwall, 1996
John Ekwall, 1996

Site banner
Think of a place far from the madding crowd, think of a place where heritage and nature are in harmony, think of a place with warm and friendly people…think no more…come and see for yourself.

In 1990 Radio St Helena did its first Radio St Helena Day short-wave broadcast to the world. And half-way across the world this broadcast reached an enthusiastic radio listener in Sweden by the name of John Ekwall. John was fascinated to hear live radio from St Helena, such a tiny speck in the vast South Atlantic Ocean. John’s fascination with St Helena had begun a while before and he had begun corresponding with the people at Radio St Helena. In 1992 he visited for the first time, and again in 1997.

In addition to his radio listening activities John was also an ‘early adopter’ of the Internet. In 1996, with websites just beginning to spring up around the world but with the Internet still not generally available on St Helena, John decided that he would create the world’s first website about St Helena. And thus, later that year, the ‘Homepage of St Helena’, hosted from Sweden, was born.

Initially much of the site was focussed on Radio St Helena and its annual short-wave transmissions but the site quickly grew into a comprehensive guide to the island; hence the popular name, the ‘Homepage of St Helena’.

John continued maintaining the site until around 2014 when other pressures got the better of him. He handed back the domain name at the beginning of 2017{16}. Later, regretting his decision, John created a new version of the site at joesweden.info/‌sthelena.

This is the site as it was in late 1996:


{a} lukemckernan.com{b} Dr. Peter Hohenhaus{c} Dave Barry{d} Peter de Jager


{1} It was removed in December 2018 to make the site easier to use on mobile Devices. Around ¼ of our users connect with mobile Devices.{2} At the time of writing there were links to unique external sites.{3} Note that our supplied Style Sheet (http://sainthelenaisland.info/normal.css) overrides the behaviour of some browsers which highlight visited and hovered links differently. If you want this behaviour you will need to use your own style sheet. See your browser’s instructions for how you achieve this. Also note that (except in HIGH CONTRAST mode) our underscore thus is deliberately ‘less harsh’ than the standard underscore thus, but again you can override this with your own Style Sheet.{4} @@RepDis@@{5} Why? Well in a vast number of movies there is a scene where someone gets into a taxi and, in response to the driver asking Where to?, says Take me anywhere but here!. We thought this sounded like a good idea for a Saint Helena Island Info feature…{6} .{7} Please Note All ‘current’ times on Saint Helena Island Info are calculated from your Device’s clock, so are only as accurate as you make them…{8} Saint Helena Island Info is not, and was never intended to be a money-making venture, but if you feel you want to, please support us in any way you can. Even if you don’t contribute financially please tell all your friends about the site, post links on social media, and generally help us remain the leading independent site about the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.{9} At least, not as far as we know, but how can you be sure? There was a David Attenborough film (can’t remember which one) that showed a wombat digging a hole and another wombat standing behind getting showered with earth, but the second wombat didn’t think to move away. With a creature like that how can you be certain you haven’t harmed one? Anyway, they may be stupid but they’re definitely cute and so should not be harmed. [Image, right]

A wombat
A wombat

{10} The four ‘Wirebird’ publications should not be confused.{11} PAGE-REFRESH EXPLAINED: to save Internet time most browsers maintain a ‘cache’ - a store of recently-viewed pages, images, etc. If you go back to a page you recently visited your browser will use a complicated algorithm to decide whether to use its stored page files, or get new ones from our Internet source. Obviously, if your browser decides to use its stored data, you will not see the updates we have made! On most systems you can force your browser to refresh its store from our servers by holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key and pressing the key ‘F5’. Please see your browser’s instructions for more.{12} It has since been further reduced to 600 pixels.{13} There were also 186 other countries.{14} In fact it seems to work with a screen as small as 300px wide, but firstly we don’t guarantee that this will always be the case and secondly the layout at such low resolutions is not optimal.{15} Not that it matters, but there was an earlier John Turner here in the 17th Century. He was a soldier who arrived onboard the Johanna from Portsmouth in 1678. It is unlikely that there is any relationship.{16} It is now used for a site in Swedish which is notionally about St Helena but is full of out-of-date content and bad links, so we do not link to it from here.


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