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I doubt when people first created Facebook™ they imagined it was going to help people in Egypt overthrow a dictator.{a}

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Article: Giant photo frame, erected at Big Rock, causes stir on social media

By Andrew Turner, SAMS, published in The Sentinel, 27th February 2020{5}

Giant photo frame, erected at BigRock

A giant photo frame, with the upper edges bearing the hashtags #plantationhouse and #uniquesthelena, has been erected at Big Rock Mount in Plantation Forest and is causing a stir on social media. Much as the oversized photo frame at the bustling Cape Town waterfront provides a background of Table Mountain, the frame at the secluded environment of Big Rock provides a background in which Plantation House can be seen.

According to St Helena Tourism, the frame is a six-month trial.

Tourism hopes that the trial will establish interest in what they’ve said is a new initiative - meaning that if positive feedback is received, Tourism will establish many more of these large photo frames around the island.

This concept was inspired by several destinations who have installed frames so visitors can photograph themselves from wellknown view points with a significant attraction backdrop, St Helena Tourism said.

St Helena Tourism announced the establishment of the photo frame on Friday, but as much as a week earlier, the frame had already been erected and was receiving feedback on social media.

Much of the feedback was negative, calling the frame a hideous erection that ruined the natural scenery, and saying that hash-tagged frames were not a good long-term investment. Is there a need to ruin such lovely scenery? one person asked. Is SHG trying to insult the intelligence of tourists by pointing out to them where to take a spectacular photo? asked another

Other people spoke positively of the frame, saying it was something different and good marketing. Brilliant idea, one way to do marketing, said one person, who also said they would be visiting the island later this year. Come on [people] it’s something different and to get visitors to spread the word with hashtags on [Facebook] and other social media platforms, said another person.

St Helena Tourism said the frames could help promote the island and encourage visitor engagement. St Helena Tourism said they will not be accepting feedback from social media during this trial, and will only accept feedback sent ‘officially’ to Melissa Fowler, (then) Tourism Manager.

In December 2020 we contacted Melissa Fowler to ask what happened to the frame and were told: The photo frame you are referring to will be removed in the upcoming weeks and there are no plans to erect any more. It was announced in January 2021 that it had actually been removed and scrapped. The total cost of the venture was not disclosed.


{a} Heather Brooke


{1} PLEASE NOTE: subscribing to any social media platform has some risks, including but not limited to identity theft and cyber-bullying. If after reading this page you decide to subscribe to a social media platform you do so at your own risk. If you are not sure you understand these risks please consult a legal advisor.{2} Advertising, political or religious promotion, etc.{3} One of the Royal Engineers Team from 1978/80.{4} Proud to have been ‘island born’ while his father was working here for Cable & Wireless.{5} @@RepDis@@