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Research is something that everyone can do, and everyone ought to do. It is simply collecting information and thinking systematically about it.{a}

This is the master index of all our island information pages

Information Index

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This page is the index of the indexes!

Our activity pages


Island Activities ⋅ Things to see or do

The 92 Activity pages on this site are indexed on our page Island Activities.

Anything you might want to do during a visit to St Helena, be it swimming with Whale Sharks, Walking St Helena, Astronomy, trying our St Helena Coffee or many other things, all are indexed here.

Our history pages


Island History ⋅ The history of our island

The 129 History pages on this site are indexed on our page Island History.

Everything historical is included in this index from our island’s discovery, settlement, famous visitors, exiles (including Napoleon and the Boer PoWs), right up to the present day. Although these pages relate specifically to things that happened in the past, note that pages about current and ongoing subjects will also include some reference to their history.

Our people pages


Island People ⋅ The people of, and related to, our island

The 65 People pages on this site are indexed on our page Island People.

This index focuses on pages about people who have been important in our history. Napoleon, of course, but also famous visitors, contributors to our society, the Solomon and Thorpe families, and even some eccentric characters.

Our place pages


Island Places ⋅ Places on our island

The 68 Place pages on this site are indexed on our page Island Places.

Despite being small the individual places on St Helena are all unique in their own way, and they all feature in this index.

Our media pages


Island Media ⋅ Our island’s Media

The 26 Media pages on this site are indexed on our page Island Media.

St Helena has a surprisingly large amount of media for a population of fewer than 5,000 people.

Our nature pages


Island Nature ⋅ Our island’s natural environment

The 46 Nature pages on this site are indexed on our page Island Nature.

St Helena has more endemic species than any other British Overseas Territory, but we also have a lot of other interesting flora and fauna, the pages about which are listed in this index.

Our structures pages


Island Structures ⋅ Our buildings and other structures

The 49 Structures pages on this site are indexed on our page Island Structures.

A great deal has been built on St Helena since its settlement, and much of it remains today. This index lists pages that explore it all, including our most recent addition - our Airport.

Our pictures pages


Island Pictures ⋅ A picture paints 1,000 words

The 17 Pictures pages on this site are indexed on our page Island Pictures.

St Helena is a remarkably photogenic place and this index lists the pages that show off its best features, including some mesmerising slideshows… Of course, all our pages contain many relevant pictures, but this index addresses specifically image pages.

All our information pages


Island Information ⋅ Our island

All the information pages on this site are indexed on our page Island Information.

Everything that features in any of the indexes above is indexed here. If you are not studying a particular subject and are just browsing, or if what you’re seeking doesn’t fit into any of the other categories, this index is a good place to start.

The Community pages


Community Pages ⋅ It’s what’s happening…

The 16 Community pages on this site are indexed on our page Community Pages.

This index list pages containing data submitted by community organisations on, or working for, St Helena. See our page Community Pages to find out how YOUR community group or organisation can have a FREE page here.

Note that Community pages are not normally included in the other indexes.

The Seven Wonders of St Helena

The Seven Wonders of St Helena ⋅ Your itinerary?

The Seven Wonders of St Helena are indexed on our page The Seven Wonders of St Helena, which shows both the 2008 and 2018 collections. The current Seven Wonders are:

  1. The Heart Shaped Waterfall

  2. Diana’s Peak

  3. Jacob’s Ladder

  4. Longwood House

  5. High Knoll Fort

  6. Swimming with Whale Sharks

  7. Jonathan the tortoise

If you have only a very limited time here you should try to experience all of these…

Our National Symbols

National Symbols ⋅ Official and otherwise

Our National Symbols are indexed on our page National Symbols.

Our flag is one, of course, but there is a surprisingly large number of others, formal and less so…

And if all else fails…

Site Index ⋅ Help locating pages on this site

If you want just the basic facts about St Helena go first to our page Quick Facts.

If you can't find what you’re looking for using the other indexes you could always try our page Subject Index. This gives access to all the pages featuring a given subject, even if the subject is not the primary topic of the page. Or you could explore our page Site Index which lists everything on the site including administrative pages (a total of pages). Or you could use the Page Search or Google Site Search™, in the Navigation area at the bottom of the page.


{a} Raewyn Connell