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The educated don’t get that way by memorizing facts; they get that way by respecting them.{a}

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Quick Facts

This is a quick summary of the essential facts about St Helena. In almost all cases there is a link to a page that can provide a fuller explanation. This is the equivalent of the Key Facts box that appears on the top left of a Wikipedia page.

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Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts.{b}

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Published in the St Helena News Review 26th March 1982{1}

To explain: a key source for islanders of information about the world was the regular film shows run by Government of St Helena Information Services, using public-information films imported from the UK. Originally delivered on Cine Film, and later on VHS tape, these were discontinued in the later 1980s when radio became more informative and people began importing, or borrowing from the growing Video Stores, a wide variety of tapes.

The delights of the Channel Island of Jersey, fascinating facts about the Bank of England (did you know the Bank burns real money in its central-heating boilers at the rate of £6 million each day) and the problems encountered in New Zealand to bring electricity from the mountains of South Island to the power-hungry North Island. These are the topics behind the titles The Enchanted Isle, The Bank of England and Inter-Island Power which, along with Broad Spectrum - a film about the work of one of the world’s leading antibiotics manufacturers, Glaxo - will be on show around the Island next month as follows: Thursday 1st in the Harford Community Centre; Monday 5th in the Guinea Grass Community Centre; Tuesday 6th in the Children’s Home; Wednesday 7th in the Mental Hospital; Thursday 8th in the Jamestom Community Centre; Tuesday 13th in the Old People’s Home; Wednesday 14th in the Blue Hill Community Centre; Thursday 15th in the Sandy Bay Community Centre; Monday 19th in the Kingshurst Community Centre and Tuesday 20th in Levelwood School.


True Facts


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How long did the Hundred Years War last?

116 years

Which country makes Panama hats?


From which animal do we get catgut?

sheep or goats

The Canary Islands are named after what animal?


What is the colour of the ‘black box’ in a commercial aeroplane?


What colour is a Purple Finch?


What was King George VI's first name?


St Helena celebrates its discovery on 21st May, so on what date was St Helena discovered?

3rd May (probably)

{a} Tom Heehler{b} Henry Brooks Adams


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