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A list of the pages that were updated in the most recent release of Saint Helena Island Info

Updated This Release

Daily usage is currently averaging around 5,500 pages from 1,600 visitors (45,000 ‘hits’) - 210GB of data per month. It was last updated on 21 September 2022.

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Recent Updates

Listed below are the principal changes in each release, in addition to which there are generally new and improved images, corrections and other minor improvements throughout the site.

Below: 21st September 202224th August 202227th July 202225th June 202223rd May 202224th April 2022

21st September 2022

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We have, of course, updated many aspects of the site to record the transition of the monarchy from the late HRH Queen Elizabeth II to her son HRH King Charles III. Furthermore, we had to redesign the page - it previously showed the main St Helena events that happened during each reign but Queen Elizabeth II reigned for so long it became ridiculous so now we just link to them.

Michael Binyon’s article in The Times (UK) about the reburial of the ‘Liberated Africans’ is reproduced on our Read articles about St Helena and The Slave Graves pages.

We’ve added a tribute to the island’s longest-running Rock Band, The Big Easy on our page Sounds of St Helena.

We are pleased to include another article by Ian Bruce, this time asking (and answering) the question Did João da Nova really discover St Helena. See it and his other articles on our page Historians of St Helena.

Can you help us indentify the old photographs of the Reading Sports?

We took some additional photograps in Castle Gardens and the page has been updated accordingly.

It has been announced that the preferred bidder to take over from Sure as provider of telephone, Internet and Television services is Maestro Technologies (Maestro). See our Communications page for more.

And finally, if he’s convicted of the charges expected to be laid against him, should former US President Donald Trump be exiled here? It’s been suggested…

24th August 2022

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Nick Thorpe died recently and has been added to our Important People page.

The reburial of the ‘Liberated Africans’ uncovered during the Airport project created enough new material for this subject to get a page of its own: The Slave Graves.

We have added lots more nicknames to our page Nicknames but there are still plenty of puzzles - can you help us explain any of them?

We have another in our series on Edible Wild Plants.

The island’s first case of Covid‑19 was identified within the community on 16th August.

New Governor Nigel Phillips was sworn in on 13th August 2022, stating I am in no doubt that it is the people who live in the three Islands who are best able to judge the path ahead and I look forward to learning from you.

And we’ve implemented some technical changes to make external linked pages load faster.

27th July 2022

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Could Jonathan help us all live longer? Check our Jonathan the tortoise page.

We’ve split our page Our Newspapers; the page now contains the common and historical information but our two weekly newspapers now have their own pages: The Sentinel & The Independent.

Our page A Brief History had become too large (larger pages take longer to load) so we’ve split it: A Brief History contains our history up until the handover to the Crown; Brief History (cont.) brings it up to date.

25th June 2022

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The 2022 Wirebird Census results are now on our page The Wirebird.

We’ve expanded our page Before Discovery including information that suggests St Helena’s presence and possible location were known before it was ‘discovered’ in 1502 by João da Nova.

The Clifford and George Benjamin Arboretums are now included on our page St Pauls. Relatedly, don’t confuse Whitewood with Whiteweed

The ‘Brick House is a curiosity because it was built with bricks(!) - most local houses are stone (older) or block-built (more recent). There is also a myth associated with it

Can you help with the Humbers Mystery? If so, please contact us.

We have another in our series on Edible Wild Plants.

Lastly, Governor Rushbrook left the territory on 20th June so we are now able to complete his entry in our table of past governors.

23rd May 2022

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We have added a new page which reproduces articles, first published in The Sentinel, about plants that grow wild on St Helena and which are reputed to be good to eat and also sometimes to have properties beneficial to your health. See Edible Wild Plants.

The (UK) Daily Express has kindly contributed a new item for our Do they mean us? page. Enjoy!

Our page Ruperts has been updated with lots of new details, including the suggestion that Ruperts could be linked to Jamestown by a tunnel throught Mundens Hill.

And the flagpole at Signal House has finally been repaired. See it on our page Historic Buildings In Brief - Country.

24th April 2022

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We’ve again removed some of the older items from our page Read articles about St Helena (Older), transferring the text to the blog Much Older St Helena Stuff. We are aware that this transfer does not include the images; it seems to be a limitation of the Blogger interface. If anycone can tell us about a workaround for this please contact us.

Google™’s API for a site-search still won’t work for us but we’ve found a work-around, so a link again appears in the Navigation section of each page - it just works differently.

The Social Media icon for Facebook™ has been removed because it no longer does anything{1}.

And again we’ve implemented some technical changes to make pages load faster.

Older items can be found on the Page Updates History page.



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{a} Cato the Elder{2}{b} Anon


{1} The link used to be www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=http://sainthelenaisland.info. We tried searching Facebook Help to see if anything had replaced it but, it seems, Facebook Help is an oxymoron. If you can help please contact us.{2} Who apparently also said If you allow them[women] to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters.


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