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A list of the pages that were updated in the most recent release of Saint Helena Island Info

Updated This Release

Daily usage has recently reached around 6,300 pages from 47,800 visitors (42,800 ‘hits’) - 300GB of data per month. This site was last updated on 22 January 2023.

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Recent Updates

Listed below are the principal changes in each release, in addition to which there are generally new and improved images, corrections and other minor improvements throughout the site.

Below: 22nd January 202326th November 202228th October 202221st September 202224th August 202227th July 2022

22nd January 2023

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In a physically isolated and largely closed population health issues will develop. We discuss these on our new page Health Issues.

At Christmas various groups can be heard singing carols in Jamestown, usually outside the Tourist Information Office. You can hear Harford School on our Christmas and Sounds of St Helena pages.

Talking of our Christmas page, some say it should be called ‘Holidays’. We discuss our reasoning on the new page Happy Holidays!.

After being postponed twice due to Covid‑19, The Governor’s Cup was finally run and we have the results.

We’ve added more information about Jonathan’s Birthday.

26th November 2022

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There’s a new article about the Millennium Forest on our The Millennium Forest page.

Can I become a Saint? We discuss this on our Saints page, based on our latest understanding.

We have added the sound of the Scouts’ Band to our Holidays and other festivals page - one of the Sounds of St Helena.

We do not expect to need to update our Covid‑19 page further, so have altered its subject groups, removing it from Activity and adding it to History.

28th October 2022

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We’re proud of the fact that Saint Helena Island Info is Made in St Helena! Made in St Helena @@E@@ - most of the copycats aren’t.

We’ve reorganised our Historic Buildings pages. Historic Buildings is now an introduction to the subject and contains common material. The featured buildings are described on pages Historic Buildings, Jamestown and Historic Buildings, Country. Our page Historic Buildings, Jamestown also now describes Broadway House and The Consulate Hotel.

Ian Bruce’s latest article (prepared jointly with the editor of this website) investigates whether Goldfish really were bred here in the 18th Century, for export to the UK, and may even be the source of all the goldfish in the UK today. Read it on our Industries page.

We’ve split our shopping pages: What to buy discusses specifically souvenir shopping, and Shopping on St Helena talks about shopping generally (which is not like you might expect…) We’ve also improved both pages.

Our Subject Index page was taking too long to load because of the size of the index, so now it works differently and much more quickly - give it a try.

We have another in our series on Edible Wild Plants: Monkey Ears (‘gotu kola’).

The Art & Crafts Association now has its own Community page.

And finally, if you would like to support Saint Helena Island Info please see the ‘Buy Us a Coffee’ link at the bottom of every page (more on our page About This Site). There is absolutely no obligation to contribute but anything you can spare would be welcome.

21st September 2022

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We have, of course, updated many aspects of the site to record the transition of the monarchy from the late HRH Queen Elizabeth II to her son HRH King Charles III. Furthermore, we had to redesign the Royalty page - it previously showed the main St Helena events that happened during each reign but Queen Elizabeth II reigned for so long it became ridiculous so now we just link to them.

Michael Binyon’s article in The Times (UK) about the reburial of the ‘Liberated Africans’ is reproduced on our Read articles about St Helena and The Slave Graves pages.

We’ve added a tribute to the island’s longest-running Rock Band, The Big Easy on our page Sounds of St Helena.

We are pleased to include another article by Ian Bruce, this time asking (and answering) the question Did João da Nova really discover St Helena. See it and his other articles on our page Historians of St Helena.

Can you help us indentify the old photographs of the Reading Sports?

We took some additional photograps in Castle Gardens and the page has been updated accordingly.

It has been announced that the preferred bidder to take over from Sure as provider of telephone, Internet and Television services is Maestro Technologies (Maestro). See our Communications page for more.

And finally, if he’s convicted of the charges expected to be laid against him, should former US President Donald Trump be exiled here? It’s been suggested…

24th August 2022

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Nick Thorpe died recently and has been added to our Important People page.

The reburial of the ‘Liberated Africans’ uncovered during the Airport project created enough new material for this subject to get a page of its own: The Slave Graves.

We have added lots more nicknames to our page Nicknames but there are still plenty of puzzles - can you help us explain any of them?

We have another in our series on Edible Wild Plants.

The island’s first case of Covid‑19 was identified within the community on 16th August.

New Governor Nigel Phillips was sworn in on 13th August 2022, stating I am in no doubt that it is the people who live in the three Islands who are best able to judge the path ahead and I look forward to learning from you.

And we’ve implemented some technical changes to make external linked pages load faster.

27th July 2022

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Could Jonathan help us all live longer? Check our Jonathan the tortoise page.

We’ve split our page Our Newspapers; the page now contains the common and historical information but our two weekly newspapers now have their own pages: The Sentinel & The Independent.

Our page A Brief History had become too large (larger pages take longer to load) so we’ve split it: A Brief History contains our history up until the handover to the Crown; A Brief History (cont.) brings it up to date.

Older items can be found on the Page Updates History page.



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{a} Cato the Elder{1}{b} Anon


{1} Who apparently also said If you allow them[women] to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters.


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