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When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.{a}

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Related Sites

Saint Helena Island Info has literally thousands of links to other sites interspersed within the text{1}, providing a way to get more information on the subjects discussed. Your browser marks these links thus. This page indexes some sites that might be worth more extensive exploration, in addition to the many links elsewhere on the site.

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Please Note Connections to the Internet from St Helena are slow and expensive. These days all Social Media networks are designed for use in countries where the Internet is neither of these, and really don’t work well from St Helena. We therefore use Social Media exclusively as a means of broadcasting information about Saint Helena Island Info to our users; for example to notify site updates. We check messages on these networks only very occasionally, so it is more reliable to contact us by email.

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About Us

*Our Twitter™ feed
Where we announce updates, etc. See Social Media.
*Our Facebook™ page
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Other sites about St Helena

*Wikipedia entry for St Helena
There are other Wikipedia pages related to St Helena; this is the central page

Local Business

*Burgh House
Just imagine… Burgh House, Business Solutions
*South Atlantic Media Services Ltd. (SAMS)
Local media: SAMS Radio 1, SAMS Radio 2 & The Sentinel


*St Helena Government
An Official Government Website
*Tourist Information Office
An Official Government Website
*Bank of St Helena
An Official Government Website

French Govt. Sites

*Official French Properties site
*St Helena Napoleonic Heritage
*French Properties on Facebook™

Community Sites

*Community organisations are indexed on our page Community Pages.

Other Burgh House sites

Sites provided by us or by our related entities…

burghhouse.com @@W@@

Burgh House
Just imagine… Burgh House, Business Solutions

software.burghhouse.com @@W@@

Burgh House Software
Free downloads from Burgh House Software

media.burghhouse.com @@W@@

Burgh House Media Productions
Cool audio-visuals from Burgh House Media Productions

training.burghhouse.com @@W@@

Burgh House Training & Development
Developing your skills, Burgh House Training & Development

family.burghhouse.com @@W@@

The Turner Family
The Turner Family, Island of St Helena

friths.org @@W@@

Frith’s Cottage
Frith’s Cottage


{a} Clifton Fadiman


{1} At the time of writing there were links to unique external sites.