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Making Ends Meet

Help for those most in need

There is no scandal like rags, nor any crime so shameful as poverty.{a}

Making Ends Meet works to give immediate support to people who are struggling to make ends meet

Making Ends Meet


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Making Ends Meet (MEM) is a charity based on the island of St. Helena. It works to give immediate support to people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Consider this: A woman goes to the doctor with symptoms that could be the result of a life-threatening condition. The doctor requests tests but these will cost nearly £20 and she doesn’t have enough for that and food for her family. She leaves with the tests untaken…

Similar situations occur regularly. People do not eat because there is not enough money left towards the end of the week or month to buy food. Parents despair over how they will afford the uniforms their children need for school. Family and friends can only do so much. Without support people can be driven to desperate measures; even suicide.

This is where Making Ends Meet steps in and provides small amounts of money to people in need.

Where does the money come from?

From generous donors of many forms: better-off individuals; other charities; and corporate donors being the main sources.

The Government of St Helena does not contribute to the general finances of Making Ends Meet, though it has in the past responded to specific grant requests.


If you could spare even a small amount of cash, regularly or just occasionally, Making Ends Meet would be delighted to receive it.

Or if you have things on St Helena that you no longer want, please donate them to us and we can either distribute them directly to people in need or sell them to raise funds.

In addition to accepting donations we also do our own fund-raising activities (photo, left).

Questions - answered!

How much of my money will be skimmed off for ‘administration’?


All our workers are unpaid volunteers. Office accommodation and equipment (computers, telephones) is generously provided free at the Directors’ homes. Volunteers give of their time to provide transport and other necessary items.

How do you ensure the money for food isn’t diverted for other purposes

We make our disbursements in the form of vouchers which can be redeemed at the local shops but only for the goods specified. Text on the Voucher states Not redeemable on Cigarettes, Alcohol or Cash and the local shops show their support for Making Ends Meet by respecting this.

How do I donate?

Monetary contributions can be paid directly into our Bank of St Helena account, number 23953002 in the name of Making Ends Meet. If making payment from overseas please see the Bank of St Helena Website for how to achieve this.

For physical items please call us ((+290) 65834) in office hours and we will arrange collection.

To discuss anything else with us please call (+290) 65834.


{a} George Farquhar