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News, features and entertainment

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A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.
Henrik Ibsen

Saint FM Community Radio broadcasts music, news and features.

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About Saint FM Community Radio

Saint FM Community Radio broadcasts a mixture of news, features and entertainment, with live programming between 7am and 9:30pm most weekdays.

Formation and Structure

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Saint FM was St Helena’s first FM radio station and also its first independent (of government) broadcaster. It operated from the end of 2004 until it was closed by its owner in December 2012. Its full history can be read on our Saint FM (2004-2012) page.

Following the closure of the original Saint FM, early in January 2013 a new organisation was created as a charity company limited by guarantee and called ‘Saint FM Community Radio (Guarantee) Limited’ (‘Saint FM Community Radio’). The stated aim of the new service would be to provide the same output as the former Saint FM. A broadcasting licence was issued on 22nd February and the station launched at 8am on 10th March 2013.


Saint FM Community Radio broadcasts live on most days from 7am to 9:30pm. At other times uninterrupted music is broadcast. Programming is largely music based with voluntary presenters creating some programmes. News is broadcast during the day on weekdays. Programme schedules are not currently published.


Island-wide transmission is awaiting the installation of another transmitter, to serve Blue Hill and Sandy Bay. Current transmitter coverage is as shown in the diagram, below:

Saint FM Community Radio [Saint Helena Island Info:Saint FM Community Radio]





Licensed ERP




Association Hall, Jamestown





Les Baldwin’s house, Half Tree Hollow

Central and west


Fed from 106.7MHz



Foxy’s Garage, Deadwood

Longwood & the east


Fed from 106.7MHz




Blue Hill; Sandy Bay


Licensed but never implemented

If you find Saint FM Community Radio is not received clearly, you might find our guide How to get radio louder, clearer, better (112.8Kb) helpful.

Internet Streaming (for which there is an annual charge) launched on Sunday 21st April 2013. This stream is re-broadcast in The Falklands (available as a cable channel) and on Ascension Island.


On 3rd March 2017 it was announced in the St Helena Independent that Saint FM Community Radio would henceforth be funded by Lord Ashcroft, in a 3-year deal. Details of the agreement were not disclosed.


Media on St Helena is regulated by the St Helena Media Commission, which is charged with overseeing Media Services delivered in or from St Helena in accordance with the regulatory objectives set out in the Media Standards Ordinance 2011. You can read their ‘Media Code of Practice 2014’ (309.3Kb).

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Article: “It’s Official - Saint FM is Coming Back

Published in the St Helena Independent 18th January 2013{1}

Dusk or Dawn [Saint Helena Island Info:Saint FM Community Radio]
Dusk or Dawn

On Tuesday evening, this week, it was decided to restart Saint FM. The constant requests from almost everyone which have been made to Saint FM staff everyday could no longer be ignored. The new Saint FM will be organised very differently from the Saint FM we all know. After seven years in the hot seat, Mike Olsson is taking a back seat. There will no longer be someone in the studio to answer phone calls from the early hours until bed time. Donna will continue to work at Saint FM and hopefully Sinead will too but Mike’s absence will leave a big hole which cannot be filled completely.

The new Saint FM was launched as a charitable organisation on Tuesday evening. Registration for charitable status has been applied for. Nineteen people gathered at Association Hall to agreethe new charity’s constitution and to elect the officers and committee who will be responsible for the new radio station.

The official name of the new Saint FM is Saint FM Community Charity. The chairperson of the charity’s Management Committee is Julie Thomas, Les Baldwin is Secretary and Liz Idan-Johnson the Treasurer. There are seven other members of the Management Committee, including experienced broadcasters, Saint FM employees and of course, someone who knows how to keep accounts properly.

Mike Olsson is not on the Management Committee. Mike will continue to provide the radio news and will be available to sort out the radio equipment when technical problems arise. After seven years of working 18-20 hours a day, seven days a week, Mike is now trying to sort out a normal life for himself.

There are two main reasons why Saint FM is being launched as a charity. First, while the old Saint FM was very popular, had support from many people in all sorts of ways and was very much part of the community, the new Saint FM will have stronger direct links with the people of St Helena through its charitable status. The main direct link will be through official membership of Saint FM Community Charity. Membership will have benefits and the Management Committee is kicking around some ideas of what the benefits will be. Full details will follow later. The second reason for applying for registered charitable status is all about money. A radio station in St Helena cannot expect to make money without extra funds coming in from somewhere. For a private sector radio station most of the money raised is from adverts and announcements but the income from adverts is often only enough to pay the wages, the rent, the phone bills and the Broadband charges. There is little or nothing left over to put aside to pay for new radio equipment when the old equipment doesn’t work properly. There is also no money left over to pay for improvements to the service offered by the radio station; this includes an additional member of the full time staff.

Some of the extra money needed to keep the radio station on the air will be raised by asking listeners and supporters to become members of the Saint FM Community Charity. Becoming a member will mean paying a membership fee. The standard adult membership fee will probably be set at five pounds, with a reduced membership fee of one pound for juniors and people on benefit. There may also be special corporate and overseas membership status.

The computer streaming links with the Falklands, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha need to be re-established and it is not certain yet whether it is still possible to re-connect with all the South Atlantic Islands.

As The Independent goes to print, no firm date has yet been set for launching the new Saint FM on air. Confirmation of registered charitable status and the broadcasting licence are still required.

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