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The Mule Yard

No longer a place for donkeys

If you take a bale of hay and tie it to the tail of a mule, and then strike a match and set the bale of hay on fire, and if you then compare the energy expended shortly thereafter by the mule with the energy expended by yourself in the striking of the match, you will understand the concept of amplification.{b}

The main permanent outdoor performance and event venue in Jamestown‍‍

SEE ALSO: the other location at The Seaside, The Leisure Park.

Where is it?

Mule Yard layout

The Mule Yard is within the main fortifications at The Seaside in Jamestown, between the moat and the city wall. If you go out through The Arch towards The Seaside it’s immediately on your right (the Leisure Park is on your left.). The map (right) will help.

Why the name?

Sady we’re not sure, but one explanation is obvious - it used to be used as a compound for Donkeys, in the days when these were the mainstay of St Helena transport. Being outside the main walls probably helped with the smell!

Of course, that’s just our theory. If you know otherwise please contact us.

It was derelict until mid-1980 when it was resurfaced by the Public Works Department and the grass planted by the Agriculture & Fisheries Department.

What’s on?

The Mule Yard is in constant use, every weekend. It can be hired by the day, and local groups often take advantage of it to stage events.

The Mule Yard has the major advantages that:

On 8th March 2015, for example, ‘WISH’{1} and the Girl Guides took it over to celebrate International Women’s Day, some pictures from which appear below:

Here are some other pictures from events at the Mule Yard (more Events (below)):

Want to discuss a booking?

Mule Yard logo

See www.facebook.com/‌profile.php?id=100063591906161; call (+290) 25756 or (+290) 51649; or email paulgasteen@virginmedia.com{2}.

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Below: Fabulous Fossils Alive at The Mule YardArticle: International Women’s Day Celebrated at the Mule Yard

Fabulous Fossils Alive at The Mule Yard

The Fabulous Fossils at The Mule Yard
The Fabulous Fossils at The Mule Yard

Last week the cruise ship ‘The World’ visited, bringing with it a very special band that put on a very special show.

The Fabulous Fossils are an informal group made up of the ship’s jazz trio and a few musically talented passengers. They played a great selection of blues from well-known classics such as Mustang Sally, to a few songs only real blues fans would recognise. All were performed with such a high level of skill and enthusiasm that you were instantly immersed in whatever song they played. Although perhaps the biggest stars of the show came from St Helena in the form of some amazing work from the Big Easy’s horn section that included saxophone and trumpet solos that would leave you breathless.

Needless to say it’s a night that anyone who attended will always remember fondly.{c}

Article: International Women’s Day Celebrated at the Mule Yard

Published in The Independent 13th March 2015{3}

International Women’s Day Celebrated at the Mule Yard

Sunday 8th March was International Women’s Day and we celebrated with an afternoon of celebration of Women’s talent and achievements hosted by WISH and the Girl Guide Association. A large crowd mainly dressed in purple (the theme colour for the day) were entertained by many of the Island’s best female talent. The Guides, Brownies and Rainbows sang campfire songs, recited poems and danced, followed by the Bug-eyed Tuna Girls with some fabulous singing. The O’Keeffe Sisters wowed the crowd with a selection of songs and Tracy Thomas gave a fabulous set. The day ended with Sharon Clingham and the Big Easy.

International Women’s Day Celebrated at the Mule Yard

Throughout the afternoon there were various events and side shows with many of the girls demonstrating courage, teamwork and skill using the circus equipment. All funds raised will go to a special fund for the Girl Guide Association to pay for overseas travel for Girls to attend international Guiding events.

The organisers would like to thank all the Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and their leaders for their help and commitment to the day, Get Carters for feeding us all, The Trefoil Guild for the tea, cake & tuck shop, Creative St Helena for the car and circus equipment, Jonny Dillon & team for the use of the Mule Yard and all their help, the Big Easy for their time and support, all the performers for their wonderful talent and everyone who came along and supported International Women’s Day.


{a} Copyright © South Atlantic Media Services Ltd. (SAMS), used with permission.{b} William Shockley (We trust he never actually tried this!){c} The Independent, 10th April 2015{3}


{1} Women’s Issues, St. Helena, a local women’s group.{2} Details correct as at 1st December 2020. If you discover the details have changed please contact us.{3} @@RepDis@@