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Getting Here

How to travel to St Helena

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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.
Mark Twain

Despite its isolation, St Helena is not quite as difficult to get to as you might imagine.

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Getting Here [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]

Ways to get here [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]

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How to get here

At present you can’t get a commercial flight to St Helena. If you own or can charter a ’plane you can Fly Yourself Here. Otherwise you can come here on your yacht, on a Cruise Ship, on the RMS St Helena, seen below in James Bay, or maybe one of a few other more obscure ways.

All visitors require valid passports and will normally be granted an entry permit for a period of three months. The entry permit may be extended up to a period of one year. Visitors must have a return ticket and pre-booked accomodation is advised.

What to do [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]

Travel method{3}




Cruise Ship


RMS St Helena

Until Commercial flights begin to our Airport

Commercial Flight

As soon as Commercial flights begin to our Airport{2}

Private or Charter Flight


Alternatively, cheaper ways to get here include:

Airport Status

Fly here image [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]

At the time of writing{1}, the status of our Airport is as follows:

Medevac flights: 

OPEN (many flights have already arrived and departed.)

Around 50 in total, as at 1st May 2017

Private flights

OPEN (many flights have already arrived and departed.)

Commercial flights

A tender process is underway to select an air service supplier. Flights will begin when the supplier is selected - expected Late-2017.

Visiting yacht in James Bay [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
Visiting yacht in James Bay

The Queen Mary II in 2010 [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
The Queen Mary II in 2010

RMS St Helena, in James Bay [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
RMS St Helena, in James Bay

Private aircraft, January 2017 [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
Private aircraft, January 2017

Naval visitors, 2009 [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
Naval visitors, 2009

Bark Europa in 2009 [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
Bark Europa in 2009

Can I bring my pet dog/cat/parrot/elephant?

Gurrs with Stanley [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]

It’s not impossible, but because of disease control the process is rather complicated - too much so to summarise it here. If you really can’t be separated from your furry/scaly friend, you are best to contact the Senior Vetinary Officer at the Agriculture and Natural Resources Division - Tel (+290) 24724.

Of course, Governor Gurr (2007-2011) had no trouble getting permission to bring his family dog, Stanley…(right)

Travel Advice

Travel advice for St Helena is available from various sources:

More visitor information

For more useful visitor information see our Visitor Information page.

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Laugh at funny gettinghere humour - LOL [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]


{1} W/c 15th May 2017.

{2} Currently expected May 2017.

{3} Correct at the time of writing{1}.


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