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Getting Here

How to travel to St Helena

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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.
Mark Twain

Despite its isolation, St Helena is not quite as difficult to get to as you might imagine.

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Getting Here [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]

Ways to get here [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]

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How to get here

At present you can’t get a commercial flight to St Helena. If you own or can charter a ’plane you can Fly Yourself Here. Otherwise you can come here on your yacht, on a Cruise Ship, on the RMS St Helena, seen below in James Bay, or maybe one of a few other more obscure ways.

All visitors require valid passports and will normally be granted an entry permit for a period of three months. The entry permit may be extended up to a period of one year. Visitors must have a return ticket and pre-booked accomodation is advised.

What to do [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]

Travel method{3}




Cruise Ship


RMS St Helena

Until Commercial flights begin to our Airport

Commercial Flight

As soon as Commercial flights begin to our Airport{2}

Private or Charter Flight


Alternatively, cheaper ways to get here include:

Airport Status

Fly here image [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]

At the time of writing{1}, the status of our Airport is as follows:

Medevac flights: 

OPEN (many flights have already arrived and departed.)

Around 50 in total, as at 1st May 2017

Private flights

OPEN (many flights have already arrived and departed.)

Commercial flights

SA Airlink logo [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]

On 9th June 2017 the Government of St Helena announced that South African airline SA Airlink had won the tender to supply air services to St Helena, but details of the service to be provided were not announced. Flights will begin when negotiations are completed - expected Late-2017.


Visiting yacht in James Bay [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
Visiting yacht in James Bay

The Queen Mary II in 2010 [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
The Queen Mary II in 2010

RMS St Helena, in James Bay [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
RMS St Helena, in James Bay

Private aircraft, January 2017 [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
Private aircraft, January 2017

Naval visitors, 2009 [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
Naval visitors, 2009

Bark Europa in 2009 [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]
Bark Europa in 2009

Can I bring my pet dog/cat/parrot/elephant?

Gurrs with Stanley [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]

It’s not impossible, but because of disease control the process is rather complicated - too much so to summarise it here. If you really can’t be separated from your furry/scaly friend, you are best to contact the Senior Vetinary Officer at the Agriculture and Natural Resources Division - Tel (+290) 24724.

Of course, Governor Gurr (2007-2011) had no trouble getting permission to bring his family dog, Stanley…(right)

Travel Advice

Travel advice for St Helena is available from various sources:

More visitor information

For more useful visitor information see our Visitor Information page.

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Laugh at funny gettinghere humour - LOL [Saint Helena Island Info:Getting Here]


{1} W/c 19th June 2017.

{2} Currently expected May 2017.

{3} Correct at the time of writing{1}.


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