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Pilots take no special joy in walking: pilots like flying.
Neil Armstrong, talking about his famous moonwalk.

You are now able to fly here in your own plane.

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On this page we aim to provide the information that private business flyers will need to fly to St Helena.

Regulations & Charges

St Helena is a Category C airport and requires prior permission before an aircraft is allowed to operate into St Helena Airport.

The airport advises:

It is imperative that the aircraft operator takes due consideration of the specific conditions particularly the reported windshear issues on RWY20 and possible use of RWY02 as the alternate.

See The St Helena airport local traffic regulations (354.1Kb).

As at May 2016 the following charges are applicable:

  • LANDING CHARGE (Regulation 5):
    £4 per metric tonne, subject to a minimum charge of £200

  • PARKING CHARGE (Regulation 7):
    0-4 hours - free, thereafter 20% of applicable landing charge per 24 hours or part thereof

    A surcharge of 100% of the applicable landing charge for flights landing on a day other than a Contracted Flying Day as defined in the St Helena Aeronautical Information Publication.

    International flights: Passengers over 12 years: £17.00; Passengers between 2 and 12 years: £8.50; Passengers under 2 years: £0
    Domestic flights{1}: Passengers over 12 years: £17.00; Passengers between 2 and 12 years: £8.50; Passengers under 2 years: £0

  • For other tariffs see the St Helena Airport tariffs, May 2016 (195.8Kb).

And don’t forget the passenger surcharge of £100/person.

More at

‘Category C’

Our airport has been designated ‘Category C’. This is basically an assessment of the risk involved in using the airfield, with ‘A’ being the least risky.

Category C Saint Helena Island Info Fly Yourself Here

A Category ‘A’ airfield satisfies all of the following requirements:

  • An approved instrument approach procedure

  • At least one runway with no performance limited procedure for take-off and/or landing

  • Published circling minima not higher than 1,000ft

  • Night operations capability

A Category ‘B’ airfield is an airfield which does not satisfy all of the Category ‘A’ airfield requirements, or which requires extra considerations such as:

  • Non Standard Approach aids and/or approach patterns, or

  • Unusual local weather conditions, or

  • Unusual characteristics or performance limitations, or

  • Any other relevant considerations including obstructions, physical layout, lighting etc.

A Category ‘C’ airfield requires additional considerations to a Category ‘B’ airfield and is considered to pose certain problems for the approach and/or landing and/or take-off.

For reference, three of the Category ‘C’ airfields in Europe are London City [EGLC], Gibraltar [LXGB] and Funchal, Madeira [LPMA].


For further and/or updated information contact Gwyneth Howell, Accountable Manager & Head of Operations

Private aircraft January 2017 Saint Helena Island Info Fly Yourself Here
Private aircraft, January 2017

Fuel Available

The fuel grades available are as follows:

  • Automotive Gasoline to specification BS EN 228

  • Diesel to specification BS EN 590

  • Aviation Turbine Fuel Jet A1 to specification Defence Standard 91-91

According to the Fuel Manager: there is no scope (at this stage) to hold Aviation grade gasoline for spark ignition aircraft.

As at May 2016, fuel was £1 per litre.

Fuel Contact Details

If you have an enquiry regarding fuels, please see the contact details at

Other Useful Information

The ‘Pilots’ section of the St Helena Airport website contains useful information; especially pages:

St Helena Airport Game

St Helena Airport Game from the Google™ Play store Saint Helena Island Info Fly Yourself Here

In August 2016 a computer game became available on the Google™ Play store, which allows you to land a (small) plane on St Helena Airport.

We are told that the game features a reasonably realistic portrayal of St Helena…and even incorporates wind shear!

Read More

More stories on our page Read articles about St Helena.

Article: Travel Broadens the Mind

By Vince Thompson, published in the St Helena Independent 2nd October 2015 (extract){2}

Interestingly, Niall O’Keeffe, Chief Executive of Enterprise St Helena, announced on Sunday that several enquiries had been made by people with private jets who want to see St Helena when the airport is operational. People with private jets are not normally asking the taxi driver at the airport to take them to an imitation fish and ship shop or a fake English pub; such people are more likely to have a good idea of what St Helena has to offer and will be keen to see more and know more about what it is that interests them about this Island. To recall the words of Ban Ki-moon once more, they are far more likely to be interested in the cultural and natural heritage of St Helena. I think the same will be true for most of the tourists who arrive on the scheduled commercial air service or charter flights.

On the other hand, people who have enough money to afford the convenience of their own private jets are also used to many other similar conveniences. Many such people will have their own businesses and will want to have daily contact with people who are running the business in their absence. They will expect to receive an email which may have a 3MB attachment in a matter of seconds. They will not flinch at having to pay 17p a minute for a local mobile phone call or almost £4 a minute for an international call on a mobile phone but they will expect to get good reception immediately from mwhatever part of the Island they decide to make the call. If they decide to relax in front of the TV for half an hour before dinner I cannot imagine what reaction they would have if the TV screen told them there is no signal. They may expect to make all kinds of international financial transactions at the Bank of St Helena and I can imagine there will be hell to pay if they are told something like we don’t do that here. If they want to make contact with a government official to get advice or start some sort of negotiations the negative effect of being told the person dealing with that is off-island at the moment could be not just embarrassment but expensive because of the opportunities lost.

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{1} No, we have no idea where a ‘Domestic Flight’ would operate to or from!

{2} Reproduced for educational non-commercial use only; all copyrights are acknowledged.


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