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SAMS Radio 1

News, features and entertainment

Here we are now, entertain us.{a}

SAMS Radio 1 broadcasts a mixture of news, features and entertainment

SAMS Radio 1

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SAMS Radio 1
Link: sams.sh

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About this station

SAMS Radio 1 broadcasts a mixture of news, features and entertainment, with live programming between 7am and 7pm every weekday.


SAMS Radio 1 was launched on 13th February 2013, World Radio Day, following over a month of test transmissions, making SAMS Radio 1 the island’s oldest surviving radio station{3}. The first hosted show was ‘Sunrise’ presented by Ashton Yon and Chloe Terry. Live Internet streaming (see below) began on 9th April 2013.


SAMS Radio 1 broadcasts live on most days from 7am to 7pm. At other times uninterrupted music is broadcast. Programming is largely music based with mostly modern music. Voluntary presenters create many of the programmes and receive professional training (see below). News is broadcast during the day on weekdays and at weekends.

International listener quote:

Here in North Carolina, USA, radio does really suck. Your station plays such a wide variety of music that is not available locally to me.

You can see a recent weekly schedule in our Read More section, below.

SAMS Radio 1 also broadcasts Formal Legislative Council meetings, meetings of the Public Accounts Committee, which monitors government finances, Questions to the Ministers, where Legislative Council members ask questions to the Ministers about a specific aspect of government, and the counting of votes after Elections.


You can download the SAMS Radio 1 Full Rate Card (October 2021) and the SAMS Radio 1 Advertising Terms & Conditions (September 2021).


If you find SAMS Radio 1 is not received clearly, you might find our guide How to get radio louder, clearer, better helpful.


Listen Live

‘Listen Live’
SAMS Radio 1
Link: sams.sh

Internet Radio

You can listen live to SAMS Radio 1 via the Internet. There is no charge for this service. A link can be found on the SAMS Website - see the insert box (right). Live Internet streaming began on 9th April 2013.


SAMS Radio 1 is funded by advertising revenue, supplemented by an annual subsidy provided by the Government of St Helena (under an open and transparent agreement which provides the Government of St Helena with no editorial control).

The importance of a strong local media also needs to be one that is able to prosper and develop in the commercial world. It is recognised that, with a small population and limited advertising opportunities, local radio require[s] an ongoing subsidy. This subsidy is justified as it is targeted to provide a key service to the Island, especially with comparatively low television and internet access and high electricity costs. For many on the Island radio is a vital medium to stay in touch.{b}

Regulation & Complaints

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Below: Article: Training with Tony LeoArticle: Radio 1 AcademyWeekly Schedule

Article: Training with Tony Leo

Social Media posting by SAMS 22nd March 2019{4}{c}

St Helenian Tony Leo, a BBC-trained radio presenter who used to work at Radio St Helena, has been helping to train our staff at SAMS Radio 1.

As part of this morning’s training, part-time staff member Mic-kail Harris interviewed Tony about his work as a videographer. The training should help improve the sound quality and the quality of our interviews on SAMS Radio 1.

Article: Radio 1 Academy

Published in The Sentinel, 13th April 2017{4}

Weekly Schedule

Here is an example programme schedule, from September 2023:


{a} Nirvana, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’{b} Media Review Report, September 2016{4}{c} Copyright © South Atlantic Media Services Ltd. (SAMS), used with permission.


{1} Please Note: The owner of this site makes reasonable endeavours to ensure that external links from this site are valid and contain useful information but declines all responsibility for the contents encountered or damage incurred when visiting websites to which you are directed by external links on this website. Visits to other websites are made entirely at your own risk.{2} Please note: there are many sources on the Internet purporting to give news and information about St Helena. Some of these are not reliable and you should use them with caution (our social media feeds are, of course, completely safe and reliable!).{3} The island’s first radio station, Radio St Helena, closed on 25th December 2012 and the original SaintFM closed on 21st December 2012. SaintFM Community Radio (the current station) did not launch until 10th March 2013. So SAMS Radio 1 is our oldest surviving station.{4} @@RepDis@@