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S.A.M.S. Radio 1

News, features and entertainment

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S.A.M.S. Radio 1 broadcasts a mixture of news, features and entertainment.

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S.A.M.S. Radio 1 [Saint Helena Island Info:S.A.M.S. Radio 1]

Architecture [Saint Helena Island Info:S.A.M.S. Radio 1]

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About S.A.M.S. Radio 1

S.A.M.S. Radio 1 broadcasts a mixture of news, features and entertainment, with live programming between 7am and 7pm every weekday.


The Government of St Helena issued the following announcement on 7th July 2011:

SHG is planning to set up a new, community owned company, to provide improved media services on St Helena. This not-for-profit company will provide three radio stations, all on the FM Band, and a newspaper. The first radio station will focus on popular and country music with news summaries; the second station will maintain the Radio St Helena brand; and the third station will be dedicated to the BBC World Service.

The new Company will be fully independent of Government and the current St Helena News Media Services organisation will be wound up.

S.A.M.S. Radio 1 was launched on 13th February, 2013, World Radio Day, following over a month of test transmissions. The first hosted show was ‘Sunrise’ presented by Ashton Yon and Chloe Terry. Live Internet streaming (via the S.A.M.S. Website) began on 9th April 2013.


Here is an example programme schedule, from May 2017:

S.A.M.S. R1 schedule, May 2017 [Saint Helena Island Info:S.A.M.S. Radio 1]

International listener quote:

Here in North Carolina, USA, radio does really suck. Your station plays such a wide variety of music that is not available locally to me.


S.A.M.S. Radio 1 [Saint Helena Island Info:S.A.M.S. Radio 1]





Licensed ERP




High Knoll Fort





High Knoll Fort

Most of the island




The Flag, Levelwood

Levelwood; Sandy Bay


Fed from 90.5MHz



Head O’Wain

Blue Hill; Head O’Wain


Fed from 90.5MHz

If you find S.A.M.S. Radio 1 is not received clearly, you might find our guide How to get radio louder, clearer, better (112.8Kb) helpful.


Location map:
Location Map samsl [Saint Helena Island Info:S.A.M.S. Radio 1]

To reach the South Atlantic Media Services Ltd. (S.A.M.S.) team:

S.A.M.S. Radio 1’s studios are in Castle Gardens, in the building called Garden Hall; the building in the northern corner of the gardens.

Listen Live

S.A.M.S. R1 Live Streaming Image [Saint Helena Island Info:S.A.M.S. Radio 1]

You can listen live. There is no charge for this service. Click on the image (left). A link can also be found on the S.A.M.S. Website.


S.A.M.S. Radio 1 is funded by advertising revenue, supplemented by an annual subsidy provided by the Government of St Helena.


Media on St Helena is regulated by the St Helena Media Commission, which is charged with overseeing Media Services delivered in or from St Helena in accordance with the regulatory objectives set out in the Media Standards Ordinance 2011. You can read their ‘Media Code of Practice 2014’ (309.3Kb).

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