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S.A.M.S. Pure Gold

Continuous music


Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
Victor Hugo

S.A.M.S. Pure Gold broadcast continuous music.

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S.A.M.S. Pure Gold Saint Helena Island Info

Radio Stations Saint Helena Island Info S.A.M.S. Pure Gold

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About S.A.M.S. Pure Gold

S.A.M.S. Pure Gold broadcast continuous music, 24/7.


The Government of St Helena issued the following announcement on 7th July 2011:

SHG is planning to set up a new, community owned company, to provide improved media services on St Helena. This not-for-profit company will provide three radio stations, all on the FM Band, and a newspaper. The first radio station will focus on popular and country music with news summaries; the second station will maintain the Radio St Helena brand; and the third station will be dedicated to the BBC World Service.

The new Company will be fully independent of Government and the current St Helena News Media Services organisation will be wound up.

Following the Media Review of Government of St Helena subsidies for island media, no further finance was available to fund this station and so it closed on 25th April 2017.


S.A.M.S. Pure Gold Saint Helena Island Info





Licensed ERP




High Knoll Fort





High Knoll Fort

Most of the island



Location map:
Location Map samsl Saint Helena Island Info S.A.M.S. Pure Gold

To reach the South Atlantic Media Services Ltd. (S.A.M.S.) team:

S.A.M.S. Pure Gold’s studios were in Castle Gardens, in the building called Garden Hall; the building in the northern corner of the gardens.

S.A.M.S. Pure Gold was funded by advertising revenue, supplemented by an annual subsidy provided by the Government of St Helena. The withdrawal of this subsidy caused the station to close.


Media on St Helena is regulated by the St Helena Media Commission, which is charged with overseeing Media Services delivered in or from St Helena in accordance with the regulatory objectives set out in the Media Standards Ordinance 2011. If you hear or read anything you think should not have been broadcast/published first contact the media outlet concerned. If this does not resolve the matter you can make a complaint to the Media Standards Commission. You can read the ‘Media Code of Practice 2014’ (309.3Kb).

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Article: S.A.M.S. is changing…

Editorial by Stewart George (then CEO of South Atlantic Media Services Ltd. (S.A.M.S.)), published in the St Helena Sentinel 6th April 2017{1}{a}

S.A.M.S. is changing… We’re sorry that this is necessary but due to recent changes in funding structure and staff numbers, we will have to discontinue some services. In the absence of funding for Newsbite and Radio 3 Pure Gold, these services will be discontinued from 25th April 2017. We simply must focus on Radio 1, The Sentinel and the BBC World Service.

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Laugh at funny S.A.M.S. Pure Gold humour LOL Saint Helena Island Info


{a} Reproduced{1} with permission from South Atlantic Media Services Ltd (SAMS)


{1} Reproduced for educational non-commercial use only; all copyrights are acknowledged.


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