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Blue Magic (band)

Rock, Blues, Reggae

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
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A Community Page Saint Helena Island Info Blue Magic

A Community Page Saint Helena Island Info Blue Magic

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Indy Blue - Guitar and Vocals; Marico George - Drums; Andrew Turner - Bass

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Blue Magic (band) Saint Helena Island Info

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About Blue Magic 

Blue Magic is a St Helena band, whose core members are Indy Blue (Cruyff Buckley) - Guitar and Vocals; Marico George - Drums; Andrew Turner - Bass. They play a variety of music, some of which they have composed themselves, covering many styles including Rock, Blues and Reggae.

For more about the band, see their Facebook™ page: You can also use Facebook™ to contact the band for bookings, etc.

See and hear Blue Magic performing here:

Improvised gig sign Half Tree Hollow May 2016 Saint Helena Island Info Blue Magic
Improvised gig sign, Half Tree Hollow, May 2016

In an early Gig, Blue Magic played an afternoon performance for the 25th Anniversary celebrations at Prince Andrew School, causing a minor rebellion when students who were told they could not attend ignored this and turned up anyway!

At the end of June 2016 the band reported on its Facebook™ page:

Practice session last night was epic! We have some great new songs together for our next show. Also a welcome to the band for Ross Hinge’z Leo as our new drummer! Marico is gonna start showing us his skills behind the keys…

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Article: Blue Magic Upload Music Video to YouTube

By Hannah Durnford, published in the St Helena Sentinel 14th July 2016{a}

Front row Andrew Turner and Cryuff Buckley. Back row Marico George and Ross Leo Front row Andrew Turner and Cryuff Buckley. Back row Marico George and Ross Leo Saint Helena Island Info Blue Magic

20160714 sentinel blue magic 02 Saint Helena Island Info

In May, island band Blue Magic consisting of members Cryuff Buckley, Andrew Turner, Marico George and Ross Leo uploaded their first ever music video to YouTube. They were approached by a film crew who were on St Helena at the time and who were setting up their own film company. They wanted to film something so they came to the band and asked if they could film us one night live and make a music video, said lead singer and guitarist Cryuff Buckley.

The band was filmed preparing their live show and during and after the performance of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. The video is now uploaded on YouTube and onto their new Facebook™ page and has multiple hits already. When you get the opportunity to have a music video you kind of want to get it out there and publicise it, bass player Andrew Turner told The Sentinel.

There is hope in the future for the band to make more music videos but the band is currently focusing on practising more complicated songs and even having a chance to try out original ones too, with the main aim to play songs which have passion. There is no limit on what we could play, Cryuff said.

The band hopes to become more popular on island and is encouraging everyone to come and watch them perform and to check out their new page on Facebook™.

Closing Humour Saint Helena Island Info Blue Magic

Laugh at funny Blue Magic (band) humour LOL Saint Helena Island Info

Actual quote from Deep Purple, on the album ‘Made In Japan’.


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