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Forgotten Colony (band)

Two friends stranded by the Pandemic

Caught in a moment, Can’t explain, All in a moment, The whole world’s gone insane.{a}

A band formed on St Helena during Covid‑19


Forgotten Colony was the result of two friends getting stranded on their own island - St Helena - during the Covid‑19 pandemic, when the island was effectively cut off from the world. In their own words:

When borders closed, our island was cut off from the world. After years of talking about it, we decided to follow through and began sharing our music with the world. We hope you enjoy the sounds we create in our tiny corner of the world.


Forgotten Colony was:

The band dissolved when Barry left the island in February 2021.

Caught in a Moment

The band’s first published song was Caught in a Moment, which you can buy on iTunes™ or stream via Spotify™. It looks at the world in 2020, taking in the global Covid‑19 pandemic and the protests following the murder of George Floyd in America, as seen from cut-off St Helena. You can hear a clip (right).


Forgotten Colony ceased operating when Barry Francis left the island in 2021.

{a} Forgotten Colony (band)


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