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Creative Saint Helena

Promoting St Helena’s creative, visual, musical and dramatic arts

The creative person’s mind is shuffling information at all times, even when they are not conscious of it.{a}

We strive to create opportunities for communities to access, engage and participate in the Arts

Creative Saint Helena
CCC Art Project
CCC Art Project
Speaking Saint

About Us

Creative Saint Helena is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting, facilitating and mentoring the creative, visual, musical and dramatic arts on the South Atlantic island of St Helena.

We strive to create opportunities for communities to access, engage and participate in the Arts with imagination and confidence - or just to enjoy the creative work of others.

In late 2017 CSH was given permission to redevelop the disused Duke of Edinburgh Playground into a Creative Play Area.


We are also the umbrella organisation for IN+VENTIVE, a creative arts youth service providing access to art, craft, music, drama, dance, photography, garment design / making, cookery, media experience and film making for young people between 10 and 18. See the In+Ventive Facebook™ page more further details.


‘Speaking Saint’ - the books

In 2015 a book entitled ‘Speaking Saint’ was published by Creative Saint Helena.

Speaking Saint is a loose and mixed collection of writing, from authors ranging in age and experience. It is Saint Helenian: the everyday, the unusual, local and international, real and imaginary. [᠁] Much of Speaking Saint is written in what we call ‘Saint English’. It is the dialect of the island. To an untrained ear this can be considered ‘bad’ English. It is not. ‘Splitting the dick’ is what Saints say when they are using ‘proper’ English, often reserved for when non-Saints are in company. It is ‘Saint English’ that is the language of Saint Helena. It breathes life, value and authenticity into the cultural landscape.

A second book, ‘Speaking Saint - Next One’ was published at the end of 2015. In this second book of rich and diverse stories from ‘The Rock’, the collection seeks to capture local experience, knowledge and tradition with writing by Saints and by those from overseas who live and work here.

More are planned for the future…

‘Speaking Saint’ is available from island shops and for Kindle™ via Amazon.co.uk.

‘Rebel with Velvet Paws’

The book was officially launched on St Helena at the Museum of St Helena on 19th September 2018, with a speech by Governor Lisa Honan. Local retail price was £6.99.

In 2019 CSH organised a choir to participate in the 2019 Commonwealth Music Competition, organised by the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra. On Monday 1st July 2019 it was announced that the CSH Choir had won joint first prize.


Teeny Lucy, Director

Tel: (+290) 22791 / (+290) 23988


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{a} Isaac Asimov