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St Helena Nature Conservation Group

Supporting the environment of St Helena since 1993

The whole of nature is life.
Albert Einstein

A Community Page Saint Helena Island Info Nature Conservation Group

A Community Page Saint Helena Island Info Nature Conservation Group

Community Pages contain information supplied by ‘3rd Sector’ organisations and/or campaigns running in the St Helena community. For more see our Community Pages.

Promoting and enjoying St Helena’s unique natural environment.

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St Helena Nature Conservation Group Saint Helena Island Info

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Who are we? 

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St Helena’s Nature Conservation Group (SNCG) has been in existence since 1993. It is a registered charity and comprises a group of volunteers who share a common interest in the promotion and enjoyment of St Helena’s unique natural environment.

The SNCG strives to inform and educate, at all levels, of the importance and fragility of our environment.

The group meets once a month to discuss activities and ideas.

How to get involved 

There are many other ways to get involved and support SNCG:

  • Become a Gumwood Guardian (GG) and help save our National Tree in the last ancient Gumwood forest in the world.

  • Come along to one of our monthly Post Box Walks and discover the island’s hidden beauty in friendly and welcoming company.

  • Join in a weeding session at one of our Endemic Gardens and learn something about St Helena’s unique Endemic Species.

  • An annual highlight in the group’s calendar is a sponsored event, usually a coast to coast walk.

  • Become a member or purchase some of the groups publications such as the Flora Guides or Post Box Walk Book.

Gumwood Guardians - the GGs! 

Help save the last ancient Gumwood forest in the world.

Peak Dale forest is a tiny fragment of the Gumwood forests that once stretched all around the island. It is home to huge numbers of endemic insects that live nowhere else on the planet.

These beautiful trees are in danger as invasive trees such as wild mango out-compete them. GGs is carefully cutting back these intruders to give space to the old trees and encourage the natural regeneration of the endemic forest.

We meet on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 10:00am at the ‘sex garage’{1} on the road to Thompson’s Wood, finishing at 12:30pm.

Bring: work clothes and boots, water/drinks, sun protection, and a snack.

Our achievements 

Together with the St Helena National Trust, we sponsor school visits and competitions to raise awareness among young people of the need for conservation on the island and of its unique species. We also assist government environmental agencies with the propagation and protection of endemic plants.

Publications, available from the St Helena National Trust office, Jamestown:

  • Post Box Walks book

  • Field Guides to the Flora of St Helena

  • St Helena Dive Log books

  • Marine Life of St Helena

  • Remote; A Look at St Helena’s Marine Life

The SNCG’s book ‘Marine Life of St Helena’ is also available from local shops.



Jill on (+290) 23698



{1} Yes, that is how it is locally known. We are completely baffled as to how it got this popular name - other than, of course, the obvious explanation. If you know why the ‘sex garage’ is so known, please contact us.

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