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Island Places

Read about places on our island

A place for everything, and everything in its place.
Samuel Smiles

This is a subset of our Island Detail pages which covers places on St Helena.


If there is a place on St Helena that we have not covered please contact us and we’ll try to add it in.

St Helena from the air Saint Helena Island Info Island Places

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Island Places
Read about places on our island

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Alarm Forest
The place to live

Recording images of St Helena

Blue Hill
Not many have been there

The Briars Pavilion
Napoleon’s Other House

The Castle
The most important of the Public Buildings

Castle Gardens
Sit and watch the world go by

Diana’s Peak
Our highest point

Duke of Edinburgh Playground
For Kids; For Everyone

Forts and Batteries
Defensive military installations

The Missing Fountain Mystery
Where did it go?

Getting Here
How to travel to St Helena

Half Tree Hollow
Home on the hill

The Heart Shaped Waterfall
For lovers everywhere

High Knoll Fort
Important, in the past and today

How Small Is St Helena?
Stand by to be surprised

Jacob’s Ladder
Stairway to heaven?

Where it all happens

The Leisure Park
Eat, drink and be merry

Lemon Valley
Everything but the lemons

Quiet and rural

Isn’t that everything?

More than just Napoleon…

Longwood House
Napoleon’s residence

Maldivia Gardens
Fruit, flowers and much more…formerly

Maps of St Helena
Finding your way around

The Millennium Forest
Haven’t you grown…

The Mule Yard
No longer a place for donkeys

Myths Debunked!
Everybody knows that…

Napoleon’s Tomb
But not his final resting place

Monitoring and measuring

Other Military Sites
…and related places

Place Names
Some we can explain; some we can’t

Plantation House
The Governor’s Residence

Postcards of St Helena
Old…and older

Take me home…

The Run
Think of it as a long, thin park

So near, and yet so far

Sandy Bay
Let’s go to the beach!

The Seven Wonders of St Helena
Your itinerary?

Our Sister Islands
Part of our Territory

St Paul’s
The Heartland of St Helena

All the world’s a stage

Two St Helenas?
Our mythical sister island

Where is St Helena?
How to find St Helena on a map

Where To Stay
Some advice for first-time visitors

Anything that didn’t fit in elsewhere

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