Bring back Aishah and Faris

They have a right to see their mother

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction provides that the removal or retention of a child is ‘wrongful’ whenever it is in breach of rights of custody attributed to a person.

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Illegally taken to Oman by their father, these children have a right to contact with their Saint mother

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Bring back Aishah and Faris{a}

Below: What happenedWhat can I do?

What happened

Aishah is currently years old and her brother Faris is . When their parents split up their mother Lacey Plato, a Saint living in the UK, was awarded custody by the UK courts. During a contact visit in 2012 their father, Usama Al Barwani, an Omani national, kidnapped the children and took them to Oman.

The UK Supreme Court issued an international warrant, ordering Usama Al Barwani to return Aishah & Faris to their mother. Oman, however, has not enacted the warrant and the children have not been returned. The Omani authorities will not permit Lacey Plato to visit them there, so as long as the children are held in Oman they are denied any visits from their mother.

Contact with both parents after divorce is every child’s Human Right.

And the good news is… they’re back!

Their father surrendered them in September 2020 and they were reunited with their mother soon after. Supervised contact visits with their father are being arranged.

In due course, when everybody has had a chance to learn the good news, this page will be deleted.

What can I do?

The UK Government currently has around 10,000 cases of children being illegally abducted out of the UK by non-UK parents, and does not seem to be making significant headway in getting these cases resolved; Aishah & Faris are just one case in 10,000. This campaign aims to push Aishah & Faris closer to the top of the list.

The immediate action is to contact the British Embassy in Oman and demand that Aishah & Faris’ case be raised with the Omani authorities through diplomatic channels. To this end, the St Helena Equality & Human Rights Commission has pre-printed postcards that can be collected from their offices in Jamestown, signed and returned to the E&HRC, who will post them to the British Embassy in Oman.



You can also show your support by ‘Like’ing the Facebook™ page and following the two Twitter™ tags and

If you are not on St Helena and want to create your own postcard, you should send it to:

British Embassy
PO Box 185
Mina Al Fahal
116 Muscat

The postcards generated here look like this:


There is no funny image on this page. There is nothing funny about denying children their human rights.

{a} Lacey Plato

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