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Bring back the children

A successful campaign!

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction provides that the removal or retention of a child is ‘wrongful’ whenever it is in breach of rights of custody attributed to a person.{a}

This campaign sought to re-unite two children, kidnapped in 2012, with their mother. It succeeded in September 2020

Bring back the children

Contact with both parents after divorce is every child’s Human Right.

All names have been removed from this page to allow the family to resume thir normal lives.

The Events

When their parents split up their mother, a Saint living in the UK, was awarded custody of both children by the UK courts. During a contact visit in 2012 their father, an Omani national, kidnapped the children and took them to Oman. The UK Supreme Court issued an international warrant, ordering their father to return both children to their mother. Oman failed to action the warrant and the children were not returned; neither would the Omani authorities permit their mother to visit them in Oman.

The campaign to bring them back began in 2017 and . It encouraged people to contact the British Embassy in Oman to protest about the illegal detention of the children and the denial of access to their mother.

The efforts succeeded in September 2020. Their father surrendered them and they were reunited with their mother soon after. Supervised contact visits with their father were then arranged.


There is no funny image on this page. There is nothing funny about denying children their human rights.

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